• Casino Blackjack Dealer – Starting Your Career Behind The Games Table

    Many gamblers who are seated at the games table playing blackjack, must have wondered at some time, what it's like to be the dealer in front of them? Cool, calm and collected, they are always so cheerful and yet remain professional in their dealings with the casino's customers Whether online or in the traditional land-based casinos. Essentially, it's a service industry job, as it's totally public-facing. So good people skills are important, as well as head for quick maths at the game's table.

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  • Hand Signals That Are Essential At The Blackjack Table

    Though blackjack is an easy game to learn, watching the players at the blackjack table might cause some novice players to feel a little ignorant. That's because land-based casinos require blackjack players to make use of hand signals. This is understandable as it means there's a security camera record of the game play. If at a later stage the gambler feel he was cheated, then the casino can simply play back the tape and see exactly what the gambler requested. But, there are only a few to learn.

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  • 5 Things Blackjack Players Need to Stop Doing if They Want to Be Taken Seriously

    Sometimes, gamblers can be very annoying. Especially professional gamblers. So here’s a list of things we’d like blackjack players to stop doing.

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