• Deck Penetration Can Help Online Card Counting In Blackjack

    It's pretty much accepted that it's possible to count cards at land-based casinos. But many players will point out that counting cards are impossible at online casinos. In truth, this isn't true. It's perfectly feasible to count cards with online live dealer games. Having said that, much will depend on how often the dealer shuffles the decks. Or, as it's better known, the deck penetration. This is the most important factor and will decide if you'll end up making a decent profit over time.

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  • Blackjack Tournament Strategy Guide To Improve Your Game

    With the regular casino table game of blackjack, it's just the player versus the dealer. But blackjack tournaments are different, in that the player will be playing against other players sat elbow to elbow at the games table. The same foes for online blackjack tournaments. Here at Blackackchamp.com, we though it's about time to knock out a concise guide to blackjack tournament strategy, especially aimed at the novice blackjack gambler. Make sure you study both the strategies and the rules.

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