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A former photographer, Jonathan has written extensively about the gambling industry over the last few years. Though perfectly happy chatting at a gaming trade show or lounging in the casino, his favourite place is on a motorcycle with his trusty hound, Yolo. (OK..he's a tiny Maltese)

  • Quantum Entanglement And Its Use In The Casino Game Of Blackjack

    All blackjack players are constantly on the lookout for an edge over the casino. One of the best-known methods is counting cards. This can give the player a tiny advantage which is enough to score consistent winnings over a long period of time. But another lesser-known technique is to utilise something called quantum entanglement. This looks at how each card and hand is somehow connected to another. The only downside is that you'll need a huge bankroll to be able to turn an eventual profit.

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  • Blackjack Weapon - A Concise Guide To The Effective And Lethal Cosh

    The game of blackjack has a twin brother in the name. Unfortunately, this object is not an enjoyable session at the casino games table. The blackjack weapon is a short, flexible leather club. Half its length is the handle part, with the upper half consisting of a leather ball, within which resides a substancial lead weight. One blow can easily smash through bones and do serious damage to the human body. A blow to the head can have long lasting consequences and could easily prove fatal.

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  • Online Casino Blackjack - Is This Table Game Rigged By The Casino?

    A quick look at the comments on any social media platform will show you that people believe what they want, irrespective of the scientific or logical proof. So it's not surprising to hear many gamblers blame their online casino blackjack losses on the myth that all the casino games are rigged against them. It's a psychological method to help them feel better about losing their bankroll. What they conveniently forget is that the casino doesn't need to rig the games as it already has a house edge.

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  • Baccarat Vs Blackjack – Which Is the Better Game? 

    Take a walk around the gaming floor of any modern casino and you'll find all sorts of ways to get in on the action. There are slot machines, jackpot poker, sports betting, bingo, and Keno. You'll also find every type of table game including baccarat, poker, roulette, and crap. There’s an almost endless list of ways you can have an exciting time at the brick-and-mortar casino. And the same goes for online casinos as well.

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  • Splitting In Blackjack - How And When To Make This Move?

    There are many occasions at the blackjack table, when the cards don't fall in your favour. Depending on the cards you receive, as well as the dealer's up card, you can still make the best of a bad situation by splitting your initial hand. This allows you the chance to formulate two stronger hands, with each having a chance of winning. But it's important to consider the fact that you'll have to double your initial wager as well. So keep in mind, a failure from splitting, will cost you both bets.

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