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If you’re a novice or inexperienced blackjack player, then approaching the gaming table, at a real casino, or at an online live dealer game can be quite stressful. So, in order to help you understand the most important factors needed to have consistent wins, we asked a number of top blackjack dealers for their thoughts. After all, they have real knowledge and understanding having overseen and watched countless games. They know all the most common mistakes that regular blackjack players make.

Insider Tips From Blackjack Dealers 

Without a doubt, blackjack has become one of the most popular card games in the world. This is thanks to its simplicity, speed of play, and probably, most importantly, very low house edge. When you play blackjack games online at a casino like 22bet Casino, it’s a great way to spend a couple of hours. The only downside we should mention is that blackjack is a difficult game with which to earn a profit.

Especially if you don’t understand perfect blackjack strategy. Here at, we always suggest that new players should take the time and make the effort to learn basic blackjack strategies. However, there are some other factors involved that can also help improve your chances of winning. Below is a list of tips and tricks that have been recommended by top blackjack dealers.

Choose Your Table With Care

Every blackjack dealer that we spoke to stressed that the most important tip revolves around choosing the correct table. Choosing wrongly, whether playing at a land-based casino or live dealer casino online, can result in your well-thought-out strategies failing.

blackjack dealers
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The ideal table is one that has no limits on the strategy you’ve chosen. An example of this comes about if you’re utilising a negative progression strategy like the Martingale. If the table betting limits are too low, you’ll be unable to effectively chase your losses. 

Be Wary Of Table Payouts

Another top tip that all blackjack dealers recommend is that you should never play on a table that offers a 6:5 payout. As a given, you should only play on tables that payout 3:2. Doing so will drop the RTP considerably. Another point is that it’s important to be aware of and avoid blackjack dealers who are in some ways distracting you. They can also hide and then introduce unfavourable rules as the game proceeds.

Such behaviours could have a huge impact on the house edge and thereby your chances of landing any winnings. Another thing to note is that single-deck games will have a much lower house edge than those played with multi-decks. If you’re looking to count cards, you should stay away from tables that have continuous shuffling machines.

Table Position Matters 

Many new blackjack players fail to realise that the position at which you’re sitting at the blackjack table has consequences. It can come with inherent advantages. In fact, this is true of many casino games we can think of. A good example is no-limit hold ’em poker. On the whole, players prefer to play most of their hands from a late position.

blackjack dealers
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That’s because this will unlock more free cards, and give them greater flop control, and greater bluffing opportunities. They will also know how their opponents are going to play a post-flop street. So for the game of poker, your seating strategy is a vital component of being able to win.

Some may argue that it makes absolutely no difference where you sit at the blackjack table from a mathematical perspective. However, this is not true if you’re counting cards. The ideal seat for this is at third base which is also known as the “anchor player”. If you’re sitting at the third base you can see the entire table and you’ll be able to keep an eye on the cards that have and have not been dealt.

Blackjack Dealers Have Tells Too

Many dealers say they are afraid that players are able to read their subconscious expressions or gestures as they deal and turn the cards. They fear that they can easily give away their hold card. As a player, there are certain signs to look for. For example, if you notice the dealer lifts up and scrutinises a card for longer or more closely, it may mean they have a small stiff card. In contrast, your dealer may spend very little time studying a face card because it can be counted instantly.

Blackjack Dealers: You Need A Serious Bankroll

Many blackjack dealers have told us that they watch players’ strategies crumble in front of their eyes simply because the player came to the blackjack table without a serious bankroll. It’s important to keep in mind that even if you can lower the house edge considerably, the profits per hand are always very small in blackjack.

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Professional players make their money through grinding. This involves playing for long hours and only turning a tiny profit from each hand into a larger one at the end of the day. There’s no way to do this without a large war chest. 

Negative Progression Strategies Can Be Dangerous

Many players who are following negative progression strategies like the D’Alembert or the Martingale will end up seeing their bankroll depleted at a heart-stopping rate. When gambling, you should consider the worst-case scenario. Ideally, you want your bankroll to be able to cover this. By nature, all casino games are unpredictable. So you need to have a large enough bankroll to ride out those potentially losing streaks which happen to all gamblers.

Calculate Your Bet Size And Play Sessions

When it comes to dealing with your bankroll, one of the best blackjack tips and tricks is that we suggest you portion a part of it into base units. This may be just at 1% for your first wagers on your first hand. Doing this will allow you to follow a particular strategy and you’ll have a measure of control over your betting.

blackjack dealers
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There are a number of examples including the Paroli system, the Martingale system, Reverse Martingale, D’Alembert, Fibonacci, 1-3-2-6 and Oscar’s Grind. You’re also able to use all these systems and master them by practising online with special software.

Deck Penetration And Rounds Per Hour Are Important

Having a good understanding of deck penetration is essential if you want to succeed. Especially when playing live blackjack. This is the number of cards dealt before the deck is reshuffled. As you can imagine, this is important if you want to count cards. In an ideal game of blackjack, you need to find a table where the deck penetration is higher than 50%.

Another point that blackjack dealers have mentioned is the number of rounds per hour. This is determined by the speed of the dealer and the players, as well as the number of players sitting at the same table. On the whole, the expectation is around 90 hands per hour if you have 4 players at a live dealer game at 22bet Casino. Having knowledge of how fast or slow the game is being played is essential for planning your overall blackjack strategy.

Blackjack Dealers: Track Your EV

Finally, we come to the concept of expected value (EV). All blackjack dealers say that without a proper understanding of EV, you have no chance of beating the casino. Essentially, this is the amount of money you expect to win or lose over a given period of time. It’s based on the best blackjack strategies along with the methodology you use to play.

The casino’s job is to generate positive EV from every player over the long run. Yet your goal as a player is to do the same. Except that you’re looking to generate positive EV from the casino. For example, if you count cards well, then you can win around 55% of all your blackjack hands. With this positive EV, you’ll be able to generate long-term profits. And by doing so, you’ll be able to remain in the game by outlasting any losing streaks.

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