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Both Blackjack vs poker are two top games that anyone would recommend to you to play at online casinos.

Therefore, sometimes you do not know which one to go for. Some might say that for both of these you need the same amount of skills. Yet, that’s not the main point between these two. Though they are both among the most popular games, they are quite different. And sometimes whether the player goes for the best online blackjack games or poker games depends only on one’s personal preferences. 

However, knowing what game has what is important for you if you are trying to choose between these two. You have to take everything into account – the odds, skills needed, how much control you want to have over the result of the game, etc. They are both skill games, yet, the concept is different.   

Blackjack vs Poker – Let’s Compare the House Edge

Most of you already know what house edge is. Basically, it gives the house a mathematical advantage over the gamblers. We talk about the house edge in percentage. And each game has its house edge. That’s the reason why your chances to win in some games are higher than in others.

Therefore, when talking about blackjack vs poker, the main distinction to talk about will concern the house edge. The house edge in online blackjack is around 0,3%- 1%. That’s one of the lowest house edges among other casino games, hence, so many players love this game.

When it comes to poker, however, the concept is different. You focus on the other players and compete with them, not with the house. Therefore, if all the poker players are skilled in exactly the same way, no one actually has the edge. 

Blackjack Gives You More Freedom

By saying freedom we mean the ability to affect the house edge. So, among blackjack vs poker, you can affect the house edge more easily in blackjack. 

Blackjack vs poker, freedom in blackjack
Do you like freedom in game? Source: Pixabay

But how? Well, card counting might help you. Wait, no worries, it’s not illegal but it does not mean you should make it in an obvious way. If the casino catches you, they can easily kick you out. In the best scenario.  

The Concepts Are Different

One of the main distinctions in blackjack vs poker lays in who you are playing against. In blackjack, you are playing against the dealer. So, you build your best blackjack strategies considering that. When it comes to poker, however, you are playing against the other players in the game. Therefore, the more players there are in poker, the more tense the competition is, whereas, in blackjack, it’s not that important. 

You Don’t Have to Be Creative in Blackjack

Poker is more about dealing with unexpected situations in a game. And you need to have good analyzing skills to choose the right moves. So, you need to some level of creativity too. The better your mind is at coping with different situations, the further you will go in poker. 

When it comes to Blackjack though, you don’t need creativity that much. There is a certain way in which the dealer plays the game. And it does not depend on the other factors.  

What Is True About Both of Them

When talking about blackjack vs poker, we can’t ignore some similarities between these two. What unites both poker and blackjack you need to work on your skill. The more you practice, the higher your chances to win are. Take pieces of advice, analyze your own game and work on your mistakes. It’s very important in both of these games. 

blackjack vs poker, house edge in blackjack
Are there any similarity between Blackjack and Poker? Source: Pexels

Another thing that gamblers love about both blackjack and poker is that you can try different versions of these games. Hence, where you decided to stick to poker or blackjack, you will never get bored!

Blackjack vs Poker – Which One Is More Accessible?

Both Blackjack vs Poker are skill games. However, the amount of skill needed to win the game is not the same. Blackjack is not entirely a skill game, you still need the luck to win too. However, in poker, it does not matter if you are lucky or not. What matters is whether you have enough experience, knowledge, and a strategy.

blackjack vs poker
In which game you need more luck? Blackjack or Poker? Source: Pixabay

This makes Blackjack more accessible to the people. You do not always have to be a pro in blackjack to win the game. You can just learn the basic blackjack rules and start playing and win if the luck is on your side. We’re talking about the short-term though. 

Blackjack vs Poker – So Which One Is Better?

After all, it’s only you who decides which game between blackjack vs poker is better for you. It just depends on what your goals and expectations are.  

Even if all of your friends go for, say, poker, it does not necessarily mean that you also have to pick it. Learn about them both and try them out to decide! Check Party Poker out to find the greatest bonuses and the widest variety of the games!