• Blackjack Dealers Give Their Top Playing Tips And Tricks

    If you're a novice or inexperienced blackjack player, then approaching the gaming table, at a real casino, or at an online live dealer game can be quite stressful. So, in order to help you understand the most important factors needed to have consistent wins, we asked a number of top blackjack dealers for their thoughts. After all, they have real knowledge and understanding having overseen and watched countless games. They know all the most common mistakes that regular blackjack players make.

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  • Professional Blackjack Players – Have You Got What It Takes?

    Maybe you've already played a number of rounds of blackjack for the first time. Or may be you're a seasoned veteran, with years of experience under your belt. Nevertheless, both of these players would have asked themselves at some point, as to whether they could make a decent living playing professional blackjack. After all, how difficult can it be? To answer that question will require a serious amount of dedication to learning every aspect of blackjack advantage play, including counting cards.

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