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Nexus Prime Release Date Confirmed by Android Casinos Insiders

Oct 14, 2011

Google and Samsung new announcement
Samsung Nexus

Android Casinos reassured mobile casino gamers that the postponement of the original Samsung and Google unveiling of the Nexus Prime has been rescheduled with a new release date.

Originally scheduled for October 11, the release date for the Nexus Prime was confirmed by Android Casinos via the usual industry channels.

The original event where Samsung and Google were to announce their latest masterpiece – Nexus Prime (or Samsung Nexus if you will) and the new Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich was postponed for reasons unknown but there is strong speculation that the declining health of the late Mr. Steve Jobs may have been the reason. See our (Release Date of New Android OS and Nexus Prime Delayed) article.

Some fans of mobile casinos agree that Samsung and Google delayed the announcement out of respect for the late Steve Jobs, other argue that they needed a breathing time after iPhone 4S announcement. No matter, we have just received an official note that October 19 is the new date.

Android Casinos Await Nexus Prime

Regulars of Android Casinos have been waiting impatiently fo both the new Googlephone and the new Android OS. Hopefully now Samsung and Google will be true to their word and will shock the world with their latest creations.

The confirmation of the date comes from official invitations sent out by Samsung. The event starts at 10am on October 19 and is by invitation only. However, eager fans of mobile casino games can watch the show on youtube.

Make sure you take a break from those long sessions at Android casinos to watch the event live and be among the first ones to learn about the new green man and the new Google monster phone.

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