Blackjack Variations to Play – Pick Your Favorite!

If you are a blackjack lover, then the great news is – there are many different blackjack variations to play at the best online blackjack casinos.

Blackjack itself is one of the simplest and easiest games to play at gambling sites. However, it’s at the same time among the hardest games. The set of rules is pretty simple but it’s not that easy to know how to win the game. Basically, you just need to get to 21 as close as possible and do to surpass it. But you should also note the dealer and consider the dealer’s actions when playing and making your next moves.

Nevertheless, when it comes to different blackjack variations, you should note that each one of them also has its own set of rules. Hence, if you want to go for a particular blackjack variation, make sure you got familiar with its rules. Even if you know the basic blackjack rules, you should still always learn the rules of the blackjack type you went for.

Blackjack Variations to Play – American Blackjack

One of the blackjack variations to play is American Blackjack. People also refer to it as the Classic Blackjack. American Blackjack is one of the most popular blackjack types.

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In American blackjack, the dealer received the hole card before you even make up your mind about your hand. And in case you don’t know, the hole card is the one that is faced down. This is one of the main differences between American and European Blackjack. There are some other differences too though, yet, this one remains the fundamental one.

Try European Blackjack

As we said, European and American Blackjack differ in a game stage at which the dealer makes the decision to take the hole card. So, in European Blackjack, the dealer will not get the card until the player makes up one’s mind regarding the decision on how to play the hands with the cards received.

Be Careful With the Blackjack Switch

Another very popular Blackjack variation is the Blackjack Switch. In this game, the player bets on two hands simultaneously. The minimum bet at this variation might sometimes be tricky. You as a player need to make two bets. And those bets should at least be the amount to get the dealer in the hand. You can switch from one hand to another or you can keep them the way they are.

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After you are dealt with two separate hands, you get the chance to change the cards from two hands. Potentially you can turn two 16s into way better hands, blackjack and 11.

Spanish 21 – Make It 21!

Another game among the blackjack variations to play Spanish 21. It was first found in Las Vegas, then, it later reached Venetian and Palazzo. You can also find it in some casinos in Pennsylvania and Atlantic city though.

You can double down on cards after you split, you are allowed to do this. You can do this even after hitting. Then, after you double down, you can surrender. This is famous as a double-down rescue. If you have a hand of 21, you win.

British Blackjack – Pontoon Blackjack

Well, there is also a British version of the American Blackjack known as Pontoon. And in many aspects, it’s very similar to Atlantic City Blackjack. So, if you know how to play American Blackjack, it won’t be much deal for you to know how to learn playing Pontoon Blackjack. The main difference between these two is that players can view one card before they place the bets. And then they can increase the bets during the hand.

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So, how do you play it? All players are dealt with one card. Then, you get your second card and the game somehow goes in a manner very similar to classic blackjack. There are just some additional terms. For example, it’s no longer a “hit”, you call it “twist”. And your hand is higher than the dealer’s, the dealer wins. Yet, with the condition that the player has 5 cards equal to 21 or less than it, the player wins a double bet.

Some Things to Know About the Blackjack Variations

There are some things that you should know about the blackjack variations to play. The first of them is that you won’t always find all the blackjack variations at online casinos. However, if you focus on reputable casinos only, you will definitely find as many variations as possible. Therefore, stick to trustworthy online casinos. Try Party Poker out! It’s one of the best casinos that we can offer. And remember that side bets can increase the house edge when placing your bets.