Blackjack odds

Blackjack odds to win are among the highest at online casinos. That’s because of the game’s low house edge. At most of the casinos, the Blackjack house edge is just as low as 1%. And you do not have to focus on many other gamblers in the game, you only focus on the dealer to win against. 

In fact, Blackjack is one of the simplest to understand games. Just a few minutes of reading the rules and you are ready to start playing. However, it only looks so. The concept might be easy and simple but it’s not that easy to play and win it. If you want to win in blackjack, especially if you want to make those winnings continuous, you will have to work on your skills. Yet, first, you need to understand the odds and learn the ways on how to increase your odds to win in the game. Therefore, understand the house edge and know the advantages that the game can bring to you. 

Blackjack Odds – Understanding the House Edge

As in the case with every game at the casino, the house edge is always on the casino’s side. That’s why “the house always wins”. Different games offer different odds to win but some games have higher odds to win and some lower. Even when it comes to different variations of the same game – the odds are not the same.

blackjack house edge, blackjack odds
That’s not what we meant by house edge…

Hence, what you can do is to research and find which games give the highest chances to win. And one of those games is blackjack. The house edge is low in this and even blackjack odds for the best online blackjack games are different. This means you can try some of the variations and then pick the one that you are the most successful at. When it comes to blackjack, what gives it an edge over the players is the fact that players act first. This is one of the main things that gives the house advantage at Blackjack and it’s hard to beat. However, you can still practice and work on your skills to win the game. Blackjack is about both luck and skill, hence, by training your skills you can achieve a lot. 

What Are the Benefits to Play Blackjack?

Although the dealer has an advantage by having the chance to move last, you still have alternative ways to win the game. And these are the alternatives that the dealer does not have. If you know about them, you can substantially lower the house edge and win more. So, find out what benefits you can have while playing blackjack to beat the dealer. 

Once you hit 21 and get blackjack, you receive your extra payment as it’s payout 3:2. So, as the dealer does not have 21, you should take your stake back. In fact, players have way more options, they can decide whether they want to stand or hit. Dealer does not have the opportunity to do these, hence, they have to hit on all combinations of cards as long as they are up to 17. However, whether you want to stand or hit, you should know when it’s recommended to do so.

Next, you have a chance to double down. It further gives you a chance to double the stakes when it’s the best time for it. You can also split the pair, so, you get the chance to make your weak hand stronger. Besides, it gives you a chance to benefit from the dealer’s weak hands. 

Further, there is one thing that you should know – every dealer is unique. However, not all dealers have the same level of experience and knowledge. This means that you can simply find the dealers who have less experience and win against them. Thus, if you can’t win against a specific dealer, just try playing against someone else. And please always follow the best blackjack strategies!

The Importance of the Blackjack Odds

One of the key determinants to success in Blackjack is understanding the odds as you might already guess. It also involves understanding the odds to win. You might be dealt with different cards which sometimes you don’t know how to play with. If you know the odds, no matter what cards you get, you will at least know your chances to win and the probabilities.  

So, here is the list of the probabilities to bust if you hit an extra hand to your starter hand: 

11 or lower 0%
12 31%
13 39%
14 56%
15 58%
16 62%
17 69%
18 77%
19 85%
20 92%
21 100%

Strategy Increases Your Blackjack Odds

The right blackjack strategy can affect the Blackjack odds in your favor. Skills and knowledge can become your powerful tools to win at Blackjack. Therefore, if you want to make win Blackjack consistently, practice your skills. So, use the best online blackjack bonuses and promotions at the casinos. Just make sure that you picked the right casino. King Billy Casino is definitely worth trying out – check it out and you to enjoy the blackjack experience!