the difference between blackjack games
You can various blackjack variations at the best online blackjack casinos, and there is a certain difference between blackjack games.

With the classic blackjack version remaining popular, the other games are also a great chance to try your blackjack playing skills. Nevertheless, though they all belong to the same game, each game has its own set of rules. That also means that you will have to change the strategy too when switching from one game to another. Blackjack is not just about being lucky, it’s also about your skills. Hence, you can’t just go for a random blackjack game without knowing the basic blackjack rules and the strategy. We will share some of the most common rules below, yet, you will still have to get familiar with the rules of the game before you start playing. We will additionally talk about some of the most popular blackjack variations.

The Most Common Blackjack Rule Variations

One of the main questions that arise when talking about the blackjack rules is how many decks are in use.

Usually, the number of decks in blackjack varies from one to eight. And the more decks there are in the game, the lower your odds to win are. If you want to practice card counting, then, it’s way easier to do with the single-deck games. Yet, that’s one of the reasons why blackjack games have more decks now.

Another thing that blackjack players ask is regarding the dealer handling soft 17. In fact, it varies from one casino to another. Yet, if the dealer decided to stand when having a soft 17, that’s only better for you. Hitting on soft 17 will give 0,2% to the house.

Splitting or Doubling Down Again After Splitting

As a blackjack player, you have different options of action. Even more, options than the dealer have. And one of those actions is splitting and doubling down. There is no problem with you doubling down or splitting when the conditions are right. But what about the sequence of play? Many gamblers hesitate whether they can double down or split again after they already did splitting.

You might have already heard about splitting when having aces and eights. So, if you got the ace as your first card, there is a good chance that you can hit a blackjack. Therefore, if you see that you can double down after splitting, you will only earn more money.

blackjack games differences

What about splitting again if you already had done it? Well, again, if you see that you can do it, then, go for it. It will help you win and earn more. Let’s say you got aces on your second pair of cards and they are aces again. And you split them. Surely, it’s not the most possible case to happen but if it does, good for you.

Difference Between Blackjack Games – Pontoon

So, next, we proceed with the different Blackjack versions, and let’s start with Pontoon. This is an Australian Blackjack variation. The concept is pretty similar to Spanish 21. The game also uses Spanish decks. And below are the conditions on which you get payouts: 

  • If you have a hand with the total 21 paying out 3 to 2  
  • A hand with the total 21 paying out 2 to 1
  • If you have a seven-card hand with a total of 21 paying out 3 to 1  
  • In case you have 678 or 777 hand that has mixed suit out 3 to 2 
  • You have 678 or 777 hand that has same mixed suit out 2 to 1 
  • In case you have 678 hand or 777 that has spades paying out 3 to 1 
  • A hand of 777 with the same suit paying out extra in case the dealer has a 7 showing
  • The bonus is $1000 for the bets that are less than $25
  • In case there is a $5000 on the bets for $25 or more than it. 

And if you have a big payout on the bonus, all players in the game, every player in the game gets the bonus of $50 irrespective of how the hands are played. You do not receive any of these bonuses if you double down on your original hand.  

Two of the Most Popular Blackjack Variations – American and European Blackjack

There are two most popular blackjack types – American and European Blackjack. The main difference between Blackjack games of American and European versions is when the dealer takes the hole. In American Blackjack, the dealer gets the hole card before the players make up their minds on their cards. Yet, this is just one of those differences, some other differences are related to splitting and doubling down.  

When it comes to European Blackjack, however, the dealer does not get the hole card until the moment players make their decisions. Once they make up their minds regarding the way they will play their cards, the dealer can take the hole card. Yet again, there are also some other restrictions on these two versions of the game. By the way, this is where you can find the best casinos to play European Blackjack.

Difference Between Blackjack Games and Blackjack Switch

And one more Blackjack variation is the Blackjack Switch. The main difference between blackjack games and this version of the game is that players get their two hands separately. Then, they have an option to switch or swap their second cards. 

Whatever Blackjack variation you decided to pick, make sure you picked several variations first. Use bonuses to challenge your skills and train them. Check Omni Slots Casino out for the best online blackjack promotions!