Best blackjack books, blackjack strategies

There are numerous books on Blackjack all over the internet, but how do you find the best blackjack books? The best online Blackjack games are actually among the easiest games at online casinos. Nevertheless, the game is so popular that it’s definitely worth talking about it. Or writing a book. If you want to go way further than just knowing basic blackjack rulesdiscover some of the Blackjack books to improve your skills.

Hence, we prepared a list of some of the best books about Blackjack for you to check out! Some of them you might already be familiar with and some might seem new to you. Either way, you can always learn something new by checking one of those! 

Best Blackjack Books – “Blackjack for Blood”

We will start the list of the best blackjack books with the book “Blackjack for Blood” written by Bryce Carlson. You can also know it as “The Card-Counters Bible, and Complete Winning Guide”. As you might understand from the name, if you want to become a professional card counter, this game can become your guide for it. It’s not the book where you will learn the math hiding behind the game or the history of other players. The approach is practical. 

The book tells you about how to play Blackjack, the right strategies, including card-counting strategies. The book teaches you the skill of turning Blackjack into your hobby and earning money from it. You can learn how to learn the game while not risking much. 

“Beat the Dealer” Written by Edward O. Thorp

The sub-title of this book is “a winning strategy for the game of twenty-one”. Many people know Edward O. Thorp as the “card counting father”. Though the book is pretty old and some tactics might already be outdated, you can still find some of the powerful insights into how to make the right decisions in Blackjack. You can also get more information on the reasons why card counting can successfully work. 

Best blackjack books, blackjack strategies
Do you want to beat the dealer? Why not read “Beat the Dealer” Written by Edward O. Thorp? Picture Source: Pexels

You can also get some tips on how to use strategies depending on your level. Some cheating sections might no longer be useful as most of the best online blackjack casinos open no way to cheating. 

“Professional Blackjack” by Optimistic Stanford Wong

Next, among the best blackjack books, we will talk about “Professional Blackjack”. This book does not have any subtitles. However, the author of the book is one of the best in the Blackjack industry nowadays. Besides, the book gives a lot of great insights, so, you can always refer to this book when playing. Yet, if you are new to Blackjack, we would suggest trying something simpler and then start this book. 

Whenever reading “Professional Blackjack”, you will see how easy the author believes getting an edge is. However, it’s a bit more complicated nowadays. 

That Perfect Book to Start From – “Play Blackjack Like the Pros” by Kevin Blackwood

If you are new to Blackjack, then, “Play Blackjack like the pros” is one of the best blackjack books that you can find. It can simply serve as your guide to the blackjack games. Blackwood has written the game in very clear terms, hence, it will be easier for you to learn all the blackjack basics. 

The book is a detailed and uncomplicated guide on how the game works, which basic strategies you can pick, etc-etc. Again, you can also find some tips on how to count cards. If you are a beginner, it’s that perfect book that you should start from. 

Best Blackjack Books – “Blackbelt in Blackjack” by Arnold Snyder

The book goes further than just being a creative words play as some might think in the beginning. Snyder compares the game to a martial art. The book gives you tips on how to make your winning chances higher. In this book, you are also presented with different card-counting methods. 

“Bringing Down the House” by Ben Mezrich

This book is definitely one of the best Blackjack books simply because it’s really interesting to read. Though some aspects of the book might seem like fiction, you will still enjoy reading the book. Especially, movie 21 lovers will love the book. 

However, it’s not one of those books that give you a detailed guide. It’s not about that. This book is mostly about biography. 

It’s Not in Print Anymore, Yet, You Can Still Find It – “Million Dollar Blackjack”

Another great book on the list of the best Blackjack books is written by Ken Uston. This book has been especially popular during the 1980s, hence, it might explain why the game is not in print anymore.

Best blackjack books, blackjack winner
Dou you need blackjack guide? Picture Source: PxFuel

Yet, there are some copied versions that you may find. The book can also greatly serve as a step-to-step guide for you.

Where to Play Blackjack At?

Once you get familiar with the best blackjack books, you will obviously want to use your best blackjack strategies, tips, and tricks that you learned from them. 

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