Can You Win at Blackjack Without Card Counting

Can you win at Blackjack without card counting? Most of the blackjack players, especially card counters have asked this at least once. 

Well, card counting is a pretty good technique to win at the blackjack games. The house edge at Blackjack is naturally low. And card counting decreases it a little bit more. Therefore, casinos do not love this technique at all. Therefore, if you decided to try counting cards at casinos, make sure you know how to do it right. Check some best blackjack tips and tricks for it. If a casino catches you, it will never end well. To give you some idea about it – in the best scenario, you can just be kicked out of the casino. Hence, let’s see what can help you at the blackjack games other than card counting if there is any other way though.  

Can You Win at Blackjack Without Card Counting? Why Card Counting Decreases House Edge?

Basically, counting cards at Blackjack gives you a chance to keep the track of the running and true count while the dealer is dealing the cards. Professional card counters can have a clear picture of which cards have already been a dealer and which have not yet. 

Surely, knowing this can greatly help them understand how to act next. Blackjack is about your skills, therefore, if you do count right, you can get good chances to win. There are different ways of card counting across the internet, however, they are revolving around more or less the same principles. And don’t worry it’s not illegal. It’s just not welcomed at casinos. 

 Can You Win at Blackjack Without Card Counting
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Well, it all sounds nice, however, it’s not something you can easily start implementing at casinos. It’s a skill that you have to work on. And once you start practicing it, you will understand that it’s way harder than it seems. You have to keep the focus on the cards, yet, do it in a way the dealer does not notice anything. It’s pretty hard to do especially if you have no prior experience. Therefore, never start counting cards if you have not tried it before. But can you win at Blackjack without card counting then?  

Using Basic Blackjack Strategy

Even though card counting gives you a great edge over the house, there are still some other strategies that can help you. Therefore, answering your question can you win at Blackjack without card counting – yes, you can. You just need to have the right strategy.

The thing is, good strategies do not just pop up in front of you so that you use them. You need to put some effort to find the best blackjack strategiesDo some research, there is a lot of information on the internet that you can find. Ask other gamblers about their experiences, what strategies helped them and what didn’t. And most importantly, practice your skills. Try different strategies, check what works for you and what doesn’t.  

Hole Carding and Shuffle Tracking

If your questioning can you win at Blackjack without card counting, one of the skills to try is hole carding. It involves viewing the exposed card of the dealer. Then, you modify the strategy according to that card. Usually, the dealers are pretty good at hiding their hole cards. Yet, after some time they can reveal their hole card. It’s important at this moment to benefit from the situation. Once you know the card, use any of the basic strategies to make the best move.  

 Can You Win at Blackjack Without Card Counting
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You can try shuffle tracking too. In order to implement strategy, players need to track particular cards or their sequences throughout the shuffles. This method is a bit tricky though. And once you know that there are many face cards, you can go for more betting.  

Edge Sorting – Find the Card Imperfections

There are many cards that have some imperfections. Hence, sometimes you get lucky and receive better cards. But the opposite also happens. So, Phil Ivey recognized those imperfections on the card edges. That further helped him keep in mind the types of cards. You can use this tactic too.

Can You Win at Blackjack Without Card Counting? Pick the Games With Favorable Rules

Different best blackjack card game types have different sets of rules. Some of them are very favorable for the gamblers and some of them are relatively not. Hence, you can look for the blackjack versions that give you more chances to win. Try to stick to the games that involve the following rules: 

  • Dealers must stand on soft 17 
  • Players have a chance to double on any two cards 
  • Blackjack players have a chance to split as much as they want 
  • The games with fewer decks.

Therefore, try to stick to the games that offer these rules. The great strategy mixed with the favorable rules will definitely give you good chances to win at Blackjack. Therefore, try them out. And remember to stick to the most reputable websites always. Try Omni Slots Casino for the best experiences!

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