How live blackjack works 

If you still don’t know how live blackjack works, you should definitely learn! 

The best online blackjack games are among the most entertaining games at casinos, and live versions of them make it even better. Live casinos have appeared recently hence, they are relatively new in online gambling. They simply display the actions that happen in traditional casinos. Yet, it also gives the flexibility to place the bets from the gamblers’ most comfortable locations. Whether it’s your home or any other place – you can place your bets freely. Besides, the payback percentage is higher in live casinos, so, you should definitely try it out. 

You might hear from some gamblers that you can find the better RTP at slots only. However, if you follow the statistics, you will see that live and traditional casinos offer more or less the same percentages of paybacks.  

How Live Blackjack Works – The Basic Rules

Let’s start viewing how live blackjack works by looking at its basic rules. Live blackjack is called so because they are really live. They have real dealers live. Every live blackjack table has seven boxes. There are eight packs of 52-card decks and they are getting reshuffled. 

If you manage to hit blackjack with the first two cards you have, the payout odds will be 3:2. Insurance bets though will pay 2:1 in case the dealer has blackjack. You can also double down on any hand of two cards. Live Blackjack also gives you a chance to split once with two hands. 

How live blackjack works 
Learn the basic rules before the game…Picture Source: Pixabay

Besides, you may place additional bets. That also involves the variant of “bet behind” any seat that is on the table. Whether you are waiting for the seat or simply wish to have some more action. There is also a chance to make side bets that involve Perfect Pairs and 21+3 wagers. The RTP at Live Blackjack is supposed to be about 99.28%.     

Leave This Idea Behind

By saying idea we mean the belief that blackjack games are rigged. The reason why blackjack dealers might be winning more lies in the house edge. If you have some experience with Blackjack, you have most probably heard about it before. House edge is what keeps the casinos profitable and simply lets them operate. 

However, when it comes to the best online blackjack sitessome gamblers find it difficult to believe in the legitimacy of play. They don’t see how dealers are shuffling cards, hence, it makes it harder for them to believe. Therefore, live blackjack is a great solution in this case, and understanding how live blackjack works gives some more confidence to gamblers. 

Yet, it’s worth mentioning that none of the trustworthy casinos are actually rigged. If you ever start gambling at a rigged casino, you just got to leave it immediately. Reputable casinos, like 20Bet Casino, will also offer the highest levels of safety to gamblers. Check the site out to find some of the best live blackjack games!   

How Live Blackjack Works – You Get the Chance to Choose the Dealer

Here is another important thing for you to know – dealers are all different. They have different levels of experience; hence, they work differently. This also means that some of them might make mistakes. Therefore, live blackjack gives you a great to select the dealer. If you played with one dealer and didn’t enjoy it much, you can select another. Or if you want your dealer to be a female or male, you can just choose.

How live blackjack works 
Use your chance to select the dealer…Picture Source: PxFuel

It’s not something bad to do What is bad is when you keep losing money. And sometimes, when you decide to play against another dealer, you might start winning. So, it’s worth trying at least. 

You Can Have Full Comfort When Playing

We will remind you once again – in live blackjack you get the chance to see how the dealer shuffles and deals your cards. You can initiate conversations with the dealer. Online casinos create the real casino ambiance, yet, live blackjack makes it even more real. You only understand how amazing it is once you start trying it. So, you do not have to travel long distances to get into this atmosphere. You can just have it there, on your favorite couch, bed, or whatever you want. Therefore, prepare your best blackjack strategies and join the games as soon as possible! It’s all real and it’s waiting for you to join.

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