card counting consequences

Even though card counting is legal, there are still card counting consequences that you have to know about. 

Some people have no idea about what may happen if they catch counting cards at the casino. Yeah, it’s not illegal, so, will kill you for it. However, it can still lead to unpleasant experiences that you might not want to repeat again. 

The best online blackjack games are so entertaining that it becomes really tempting not to find a way a cheat. Everyone wants to win at Blackjack. And even though Blackjack rules are pretty simple to learn, winning is a different story. So, some select cards count for it. 

How to Count Cards?

Before we go directly to the card counting consequences, let’s first understand how to count cards. Usually, gamblers do it with a system. One of the easiest systems is a high-low system. 

You begin the game by giving a value to every card in the deck. Aces, 10s are worth -1 (each one of those). 7s, 8s, 9s are worth 0. All the cards that are lower (sixes, fives, fours, etc.) are worth +1. Once you see the card that the dealer deals with, you start adding value to the running count. If the count that you keep is positive, you start placing more bets. If it is negative or is equal to zero, you place fewer bets.

Some People Use Electronics to Do Card Counting

The law actually does not have any statements regarding the usage of intellectual means to count cards. Yet, there is a provision stating against the electronic and mechanical means. So, you live the card counting consequences anyways. It says that this type involves cheating as it gives an unfair advantage over the other people at the table. 

card counting consequences
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Using means other than your brain gives you an unnatural advantage which might lead to police arresting you. Hence, be careful with that and try to use more natural ways if you decided to count cards. 

No One Is Guilty That You Got Caught

What you need to remember is that no one is guilty if casino dealers or anyone else catches you counting cards. You have to learn to do it very professional if you want no one to catch you. And surely, any gambler who’s been caught while counting cards gets mad. Yet, that’s a big mistake if you decide to start creating more trouble once anyone catches you. Getting arrested is also one of the card counting consequences that you might experience if you lose control.  

What Do Casinos Do to Prevent People From Counting Cards?

Surely, casinos do not enjoy when gamblers start counting cards. Hence, they are trying to find some ways to stop people from doing that. One of the easiest ways to prevent gamblers from counting is using the shuffling machine. And after the cards are dealt, they are put back into the machine. Hence, even when they are removed from the deck, it does not affect the next hands’ odds. When they use it, independent events happen, so, it gets way harder for you to count the cards. 

card counting consequences
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Besides, they may just back you off from the game if they start suspecting you in card counting. So, casino workers might just tell you to start away from blackjack games and select something else to play. Maybe you can go for some other best blackjack card game types. There are different blackjack versions that you can select to play. Thus, there are not only card counting consequences. You live the consequences even if they just start suspecting you.

Card Counting Consequences – What Will the Do to You for Counting Cards?

So, what exactly happens if they eventually catch you when you count cards? Well, somehow it depends on the mood of the casino too. If they’re in a good mood, they will just kick you out. So, that’s a good scenario for you.

However, casinos are not always that generous with players. Especially those who count cards at the table. Another thing they might do is to ban you from the casino. Yes, there are many other casinos that you can go for. Yet, gaining a bad reputation won’t work for your best either. 

Therefore, if you eventually decided to try counting cards, do it professionally. Otherwise, be ready to live card counting consequences. Practice a lot before you start. And better than card counting, use some other best blackjack strategies to win. Check the main tips and tricks that will help you at Blackjack. 

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