Five most popular blackjack versions 

You might already know that Blackjack has more than one version to play, hence, we are here to talk about the five most popular blackjack versions. 

Though the basic blackjack rules are very easy to understand, knowing how to win the game is a different story. Once you start diving deeper into the game, you realize how complex it can be. And that’s what makes Blackjack one of the most popular games at the best casinos! You do not play for having fun only, you come with the strategy. 

Blackjack is a game of skill, therefore, you have to work on your skills and improve them to win, learn some tips. One more great news about it – you do not have to rely on luck. You are the one who decides whether you win or not. Yet, it will take some time and effort to master. 

Five Most Popular Blackjack Versions – European Blackjack

Let’s start the list of the five most popular blackjack versions with the most popular – European Blackjack. If you enter the casino without knowing much about the game, European Blackjack will be the one everyone recommends. The game is somehow similar to a roulette game. Both games offer a bit better odd than in American Blackjack.  

You start playing the game with the two card decks. Therefore, it will be easier for you to predict the result than in many other blackjack types. One more European Blackjack rule that is favorable for the players – dealer standing on soft 17. Some games do not allow that. Hence, it’s definitely a benefit of the European Blackjack. Players also have a chance to double down with the cards showing 9, 10, 11. And more thing to mention about the game – it pays 3:2. 

When Does the Dealer Take Cards in American Blackjack?

Another blackjack version that is as popular as European blackjack is American Blackjack. Though these are both among the five most popular blackjack versions, there are still some differences.

Five most popular blackjack versions 
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First of all, the game stage is whenever the dealer grabs the hole card. When it comes to American Blackjack, the dealer grabs the card before the gamblers decide on their hands. The two versions also differ when it comes to doubling down and splitting rules.  

Why You Should Try Blackjack Online? You Need to Try Blackjack Switch

Blackjack switch is not as popular in land-based casinos as it is in the best online blackjack casinos. And this is a good reason to switch to playing blackjack online. 

There is one main difference between standard blackjack and blackjack switch. The players have a chance to switch their top cards of two of their hands. Dealers always have to push at 22 and do not bust. Expect the cases when they have natural. That’s what gives you a huge edge in the game. 

Perfect Pairs Blackjack – What Happens if You Hit Strike?

Next among the five most popular blackjack versions, we would love to talk about Perfect pairs of blackjack. This is the version that is great for players who believe that betting strategy is more crucial than playing strategy. 

The concept of the game is pretty much similar to traditional blackjack. Yet, every hand’s start is still a chance for the players to place one more side wager. If your beginning two cards are valued the same, you can still place the side bet.  

Five most popular blackjack versions 
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And here are some more details about the perfect pairs of blackjack. If the pair you have is two cards that have the same value, you get a 5:1 payout. Your payout equals 10:1 if your two cards are the same in color, suit, and value. Whenever both of your hands have the same suit or rank, you win the biggest prize. And once you manage to make a “perfect pair” strike your compensation becomes 30:1. Definitely worth trying! 

How Does Each Spanish 21 Version Payout?

And to complete the list of the five most popular blackjack versions, let’s talk about Spanish 21. In this version of the game, all 10 cards are selected. This might seem like a house edge boost. However, it’s not, the rules are in the players’ favor. Moreover, this is one most player-friendly blackjack versions. Even classic blackjack can’t compete against. Yet, the rules might vary sometimes. Hence, always make sure to check before you start. 

In Spanish 21, you can resplit even with aces. And that’s your chance to increase your winnings. Besides, you can also double down on any total you have. You can even double down once you split. 

It’s always better to know some of the unique payouts before you start. Five-card Spanish 21 pays out 3:2. Six-card version pays 2:1. The Seven-card version though pays out at 3:1. 

And, yes, that’s it! These were some of the most popular blackjack versions that you can select to play. No matter which one you decide to choose, always make sure you picked the safest casinos. Check BetVictor Casino out to experience the best! 

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