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Want to learn some funny facts about blackjack? In fact, Blackjack has been around for a pretty long time. Thus, no wonder that the game has gathered some funny facts in its history. 

You can find many popular gambling games at the best online blackjack casinos today. And no matter how many new games are appearing, some things never change. One of those things is the popularity of the best online Blackjack games. Moreover, you can find different variations of the Blackjack games that make it more entertaining. And what makes it even more fun and exciting is Blackjack tournaments that you can join to win big! 

Blackjack Has Been Around for the Pretty Long Time

It’s not necessarily one of the funny facts about blackjack. We decided to start from one of the main facts about the game. 

Blackjack has been widely known and played even long before the virtual games at online gambling sites became popular. The game has been played in different forms back from the 16th century. Some of you might not even know that Blackjack is even older than the games like Poker or slots. So, it makes Blackjack a very old game. Nevertheless, Blackjack has different forms and names. You can find the best blackjack card game types here.

So, initially, it was known as the twenty-one which was originated in France. And later it evolved into the Blackjack. Yet, though the game has been evolving all this time, the main concept has somehow remained the same.

You Don’t Always Have to Get 21 to Win

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Never go over the limit! Source: Wikimedia Commons

Most gamblers say that all you need to do is the basic Blackjack rules which is to just get as close to 21 as you can. And that’s mostly true but not always. Mostly, what you need to do when playing Blackjack games is to focus on the dealer and try to beat the dealer. See an example of this – you might have low cards in your hands but the dealer might go bust before you. And if it happens, you win. So, you might not even get close to 21 but still, win if you did it better than the dealer.

Funny Facts About Blackjack – Card Counting Can Really Help, Try It

Continuing on the funny facts about blackjack, you might have heard about the card counting before but have you ever thought of trying it? Actually, this technique exists for a long time. From around the 1960s just as the time when the book about the Blackjack counting has been released. Card counting will just allow you to predict the number of low and high-value cards in the deck. If you learn how to do it, you can also adjust your bets according to it. If you really want to learn the technique of card counting, you might want to check the best online blackjack guides. And books can help you too. 

So, if you want to try it, why not? It’s not illegal, but you should make sure that you don’t get caught. However, you can do card counting if you are playing at live casinos, not at online casinos.  

You Don’t Have to Care About the Other Players

In Blackjack, your main focus should be one dealer. And one of the funny facts about blackjack is gamblers sometimes might focus on the other players. You don’t need it. It’s not, say, Poker, where you have to care about the other players too. In Blackjack, it’s just you and the dealer. So, if you manage to find the right strategy to play Blackjack, you won’t have to worry about the other players in a game. But when it comes to Blackjack tournaments, you focus on the other players but that’s another story. 

Sometimes It Depends on the Casino

Sometimes your luck at Blackjack just relies on the casino you choose. Different online casinos offer different odds to win. Thus, you should always try to stick to the best online casinos. Check PartyPoker out! The widest selection of the games to play, the great bonuses, and many other benefits that you will discover if you just give it a try!