How casinos catch card counters ,What happens if the casino caught you?

If you want to know how to do card counting in Blackjack, you should also know how casinos catch card counters to avoid being caught. It’s easy when it comes to learning how to play BlackjackThe challenging part starts when it comes to understanding how to win it. And that’s when people start trying different winning strategies out. Just remember that different best online blackjack gamesrequire different strategies. 

Though card counting in blackjack is not an illegal activity, you still should do it in a way that the casino does not catch you. It’s just one of your basic blackjack strategies. Nevertheless, that is not the strategy that the casinos are happy with. Therefore, they have a right to just kick you out of the casino if they find out you are counting cards. Thus, you can learn some tricks on how to do it unnoticeably.

And the worst thing about that is that casinos can just ban gambling there ever again. Therefore, it’s better to start practicing card counting once you have some experience and know tips. Let’s view the casinos actually spot card counters.  

Please, Do Not Make It Obvious

How casinos catch card counters, Some people form teams on card counting
Ignore distractors and keep concentration. Source: Pixabay

Card counting is not as easy as it may seem in the beginning though. Yes, you just keep the track of the cards. Yet, you have to do it in your head and try to keep blending into the environment. And remember the noise and the crowds around Blackjack tables. It’s hard to concentrate on the game itself even, so, needless to mention how hard it might be to concentrate on card counting without making it obvious. And that’s what some gamblers are not aware of. How do casinos catch card counters in this case? Fast and easy. By just looking at them. Hence, be prepared for the distractions, so that you keep doing your thing without losing count of the cards. And make sure your face does not show anything to anyone. Now it sounds less easy, right? 

How Casinos Catch Card Counters – Facial Recognition Systems

Some casinos started using programs to recognize faces during the game. They have these cameras built into their surveillance cameras. So, they have the equipment needed to recognize the famous card cheats. And your face matches one of those, the casino will ask you to leave. That’s another method on how casinos catch card counters. 

Some People Form Teams on Card Counting

You might have seen it in the movies – the way people team up together for card counting. Some distract the workers so that they do not notice a thing, while others are actually counting the cards during the game. Hence, every team member has one’s task to do. That works really great for these teams if they do it all right. And every team member needs to know how casinos catch counters to save the team from being caught. 

Nevertheless, it’s not easy to make it all perfect from the beginning. Especially when it comes to sending signals. Remember that card counting is all making things in the least noticeable way. And sometimes teams just screw it up when they start signaling. 

Another thing that you need to remember is that teaming up for card counting does not seem to be working in the long term. Once different casinos catch you altogether every time, they can get that something’s wrong.  

What Happens If the Casino Caught You?

How casinos catch card counters, What happens if the casino caught you?
What you have to be ready in case of card counting? Source: Pixabay

Okay, you might figure out how casinos catch card counters but what if they still could catch? Well, it happens and it happens less rarely than most gamblers wished. Therefore, that’s another thing you have to be ready for. So, what the casino decides to do actually depends on the casino itself. Not all of them act in the same way. That’s both good and bad news for you. If the casino is in a good state, they will just kick you out. We say just because this is the smallest punishment gamblers get for card counting.

Yet, the casinos are not always that kind. They can also just not give you the money you won. The other thing that might happen – you can get on the blacklist and never enter that casino again. No one will kill you or anything like that but that’s not really the best thing if the casino catches you. 

 Train Before You Started Practicing Card Counting

You can train every skill before you actually start practicing it at real casinos. And card counting is not an exception. Try out playing with your friends and start gradually adding more distractions so that you learn how to do several things at once. You can also use the best online blackjack bonuses and promotions to just train your blackjack playing skills. Check Party Poker to find some of those!