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Sometimes Blackjack players are struggling when it comes to understanding how to memorize a blackjack strategy. You might learn everything and know it all perfectly in theory. Yet, when it comes to practicing, you just forget it all. Why does it even happen? 

If it makes you feel relieved, it’s not a rare thing to happen. Many Blackjack players have this problem when they start playing the best online blackjackThe good news is that you can get rid of this problem and remember all the moves perfectly. However, it’s not what happens in a second. Not even in a few weeks. Gambling requires some work too if you want to become more professional in it. 

Blackjack is a game of skill, remember? Therefore, relying on just luck is not enough. In the very short term, yes, you might win a few times. Yet, just luck will not keep you winning consistently at Blackjack. Some people can even make a living by Blackjack and luck is obviously not what they rely on every time. 

Why Do You Even Need to Memorize a Strategy?

First and foremost, you have to understand how important having a blackjack strategy is. Otherwise, you will see no point in understanding how to memorize a blackjack strategy.  

What you should understand – strategy is everything at Blackjack. It’s your strongest weapon against the dealer. You might know the rules perfectly but still lose just because you do not have a strategy. Once you understand how crucial it is, you will have more motivation to memorize it. 

How to Memorize a Blackjack Strategy – Start From the Basic Strategy

When you just start looking for ways to learn the best blackjack strategiesgoing for the complex strategies is obviously not what you should do. Start from the basics and go step by step. Simple and basic strategies are good to start. And they are easier to keep in mind. We will share some of the basics that are good to know before you start playing Blackjack games.  

how to memorize a blackjack strategy, Actions at blackjack
Start with simple and basic strategies Picture Source: Pixabay

First of all, you have different options of action at Blackjack. You can hit, stand, double down, split. Also you have to know when to act how to win at blackjack. If you hit when you actually had to stand, it will not bring any good results to you. Therefore, learn all the rules if you do not want to lose because of doing silly mistakes. 

 When you have a hard total that is worth 17+, stand. On the other hand, and when the total is hard 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 while the dealer has 7+, hit. If it’s not the case, then, stand. In case the dealer has an only, double down on 11. If the dealer has an ace and a 10, double down on 10. Whenever you have a hard 8 or less than it, hit always. If you have 5s or 10s, do not ever split. Whenever you have a soft 18+, stand.   

These simple strategies are not hard to memorize. So, they can serve as a good point to start. Yet, it can already increase your chances to win. 

How to Memorize a Blackjack Strategy – Get Some Practice

Whatever we learn in our lives, a theory is slowly fading away from our memories when we do not practice what we have learned. Same with Blackjack. Practice can always help you improve your performance when gambling. 

how to memorize a blackjack strategy
Use bonuses and practice Picture source: Pexels

One of the ways you can practice your skills is to use bonuses that blackjack casinos are offering. You can find some of the greatest ones at BetVictor Casino. Bonuses give you a chance to participate in real-money games for free. That way you can try to use some of the simplest strategies you memorized to see if they work out. 

Take Notes

Whenever you play, one of the useful ways on how to memorize a blackjack strategy is to take notes. Pay attention to the moments in a game where you get stuck, where you make mistakes. Think of the ways to avoid them. Even if you think, you can keep them all in mind, you forget. And it’s not as effective as writing everything down and having a chance to read detailed notes. Write your own best blackjack tips and tricks for yourself.  

Do Not Try to Memorize Everything at Once

And the last tip on how to memorize a blackjack strategy, be patient. Sometimes, Blackjack players go for many strategies and try to memorize everything at once. That’s not how it works. If you follow the same, you will just get more confused. Instead, start from the basics. Have some simple strategies, make sure you mastered them. Then you can level up and go for more complicated strategies. 

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