is blackjack rigged

Many blackjack players have at least once asked “is blackjack rigged”? Well, sometimes it’s really hard to win, hence, it’s an expected question to ask. 

The thing is, knowing basic blackjack rules is not enough for you to win. It’s a skill-based game where you have to train your skills if you really want to win. You are playing against the dealer and you have to beat him. Sometimes, it gets really hard to do so. That’s what makes you start questioning if blackjack is fair or not. Let’s see if it is. 

There are many popular games at online casinos, however, blackjack has its advantages that keep gamblers playing it. If you’ve ever played it before, you will understand. 

Is Blackjack Rigged? All You Need to Know About House Edge at Blackjack

To understand is blackjack rigged or not, you need to start by learning a bit about the house edge. It’s what gives the statistical advantage to the house over the gamblers. And it’s what keeps casinos profitable. Besides, the dealer who is leading the blackjack games acts last. This means, dealers see the gamblers’ hands and decide on the next moves. This also gives an advantage to the dealer. 

Yet, one of the best things about Blackjack is that it has one of the lowest house edges among the gambling games. It equals only 0,5%. Despite this, gamblers can further decrease it using the right strategy. Same way, if the blackjack player can’t really make the right move, the house edge can increase up to 2%.  

The Importance of Having a Strategy and the Practice

We have just said that the strategies you are using affect the house edge pretty much. Hence, you have a chance to decrease the house edge and win yourself more chances to get lucky at Blackjack. 

is blackjack rigged
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Surely, it won’t come for free, you have to work for it. Use the best online blackjack bonuses and promotions to practice your skills. It will also generate at least the basic blackjack strategies and keep improving them.  

Is Blackjack Rigged Eventually?

To shortly answer is blackjack rigged – not really. It’s the house edge that gives a statistical advantage and a chance for a casino to win more frequently. Blackjack itself though is a fair game. Whether you play online or land-based blackjack, it will be fair anyways. 

Yet, when you change from one casino or blackjack variation to another, you might have to get familiar with the rules first. They all have their own sets of rules, and you need to learn them. Therefore, before you select one, compare to pick what’s best for you. 

What if You Lose More Than the House Edge Says?

Since you know the house edge, you must know how much you can lose and how much you can win. Yet, sometimes the gamblers start losing too much, way more than the house edge suggests. If it happens, it might be that you’re the victim of the fake casino. Here are a few signs that show that you are gambling at the scam casino: 

  • You literally never win at blackjack 
  • Once you win the blackjack games, the games start freezing
  • Casino does not pay out your rewards.
is blackjack rigged
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These and some other signs including ignorant customer support, a very narrow selection of games, etc. will warn you that something is wrong with the casino. Once you notice any of them, try to check if the casino is legit (actually, it’s one of the things to do before you start gambling). 

How to Spot Fake Casinos?

Knowing how to spot fake casinos is crucial. It will save you a lot of money, effort, and nerves. Therefore, before you see any casino, do not go for it right away. Check if it’s good to gamble at. Basically, do some research. Make sure it has its gambling license. Read what other people say about the casino. It will take only a few minutes, yet, you will be very grateful to yourself later. Trusted casinos have trusted providers. Hence, unsafe casinos might involve games from uncommon software providers. One of the best casinos we can offer so far is 20Bet Casino – check it out! It’s safe and you can find some of the most popular games there including the best online blackjack gamesProvide yourself with the best experiences only!  

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