How to Make a Living by Playing Blackjack 

If you are a regular Blackjack player, you might have wondered how to make a living by playing Blackjack. Well, some people do it pretty successfully but you have to remember that nothing comes for free. 

Making a living from Blackjack goes way beyond just knowing basic blackjack rulesYou have to make sure you are professional enough at blackjack so that you can earn money consistently by playing it. With a clear goal, determination, patience, and hard work you can achieve much more than you can imagine. So, let’s see what is it that you have to do to make a living from blackjack. 

Is It Possible to Make Money Consistently at Online Blackjack?

 When thinking about how to make a living by playing Blackjack, many players question if it’s even possible to win consistently. The short answer is yes. Yet, it’s not what you can easily get. Those who enjoy playing Blackjack at traditional casinos can benefit from card counting if they have enough skills for it. What can online blackjack players do? Many things, actually. 

Online gambling offers some opportunities that you won’t find at traditional casinos. First of all, you no longer have to travel long distances to finally reach the casino. You can just start playing from wherever and whenever. It saves not only time but money too. 

How to Make a Living by Playing Blackjack, Blackjack strategy
What kind of opportunities do online gambling offer? Picture source: Pixabay

Additionally, online Blackjack gives you a chance to use great bonuses to play real-money games for free. It’s only a matter of the right casino. There are many reputable casinos that you can find, therefore, we would recommend you to browse through the internet and see what people recommend. Read the reviews you are free to share your experiences with others too. One of our best recommendations that we would like to share with you is Party Poker! Bonuses, games, the overall experience – everything’s great about this casino! 

How to Make a Living by Playing Blackjack – Having a Blackjack Strategy Is Key

The mathematical advantage that you have at blackjack increases when you use the right strategy. But how do you find that perfect strategy? 

Well, first of all, there is no single strategy that will always work and help you win. You have to understand the game. Not just the concept, but how things work out in Blackjack. When you do not fully understand the game, the strategy that you will create might not just work well. Therefore, you have to do some research on the best strategies that usually help people win. 

Yet, it’s not just about relying on others’ experiences. You have your own experiences that you have to derive lessons from. Analyze the way you have been playing. Can you find some of the common mistakes that you keep repeating again and again? Is there any move that somehow always works well? Without analysis of your game, it will make it hard for you to understand how to make a living by playing Blackjack. 

Do Not Go For Several Games at Once

Some people believe that the more games you are playing, the higher your chances to win are. That’s true to some point. However, that also increases the possibility that you will simply not succeed at any of them. When you stick to one game only, you start focusing on that game and get the chance to learn about every single detail in the game. However, if you are spread between several games, you will not be able to focus on any of them. You will just know a little bit about each of them but you should understand that little knowledge is not what you can win money consistently with. 

Hence, the same goes for blackjack games. There are different best blackjack card game types that you can go for. Try them all out until you decide. You are not forced to pick one game and stick to it from the very beginning. Play different versions before you decide on one particular type of game. And once you decide, focus on it and dive as deep as you can. Maximum two games are okay to stick to if you do not want to play only one game all the time. 

How to Make a Living by Playing Blackjack if You Do Not Have a Self-Control

Obviously, if you do not know how to control yourself at Blackjack tables and when to stop, you will lose more. However, that’s not much obvious to some players. Hence, they keep playing without stopping. Eventually, they lose all the money they entered casinos with. 

How to Make a Living by Playing Blackjack, online blackjack
Do you have enough self-control while playing blackjack? Picture source: Picpedia

However, it’s not what happens to every single Blackjack player. You can avoid it easily only if you take some precautions beforehand. And if you have some self-control. 

Before you start playing any of the best online blackjack games make sure you know how much money you have in your wallet. You should also know how much you can afford to lose. Set the money and time limit. Once you reach those limits, stop playing. You will not know how to make a living by playing Blackjack if you keep playing until you have a single penny left in your pocket.

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