• Hand Signals That Are Essential At The Blackjack Table

    Though blackjack is an easy game to learn, watching the players at the blackjack table might cause some novice players to feel a little ignorant. That's because land-based casinos require blackjack players to make use of hand signals. This is understandable as it means there's a security camera record of the game play. If at a later stage the gambler feel he was cheated, then the casino can simply play back the tape and see exactly what the gambler requested. But, there are only a few to learn.

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  • Power Blackjack – An Exciting Live Variation From Evolution Gaming

    Evolution Gaming certainly appear to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to knowing what type of blackjack games their players enjoy. Power Blackjack is no different. They have constructed a game that's both fast and satisfying with the possibility of some great payout, especially from their side bets. The main standout of this variation of blackjack is the total absence of both 9s and 10s from the card shoe. With a typical game of blackjack using 8 shoes, then this means 64 less cards.

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