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Evolution Gaming certainly appears to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to knowing what type of blackjack games their players enjoy. Power Blackjack is no different. They have constructed a game that’s both fast and satisfying with the possibility of some great payout, especially from their side bets. The main standout of this variation of blackjack is the total absence of both 9s and 10s from the card shoe. With a typical game of blackjack using 8 shoes, then this means 64 fewer cards.

Power Blackjack – Evolution’s Thrilling Live Blackjack Game 

If you’re a lover of the regular game of blackjack, then Evolution Gaming has a real doozy for you. A completely new version of the traditional game which all players find impossible to stay away from. It’s a live dealer game with an interactive table and four side bets. The game also offers amazing payouts. Today many online casinos offer live dealer games, but you’ll find that Power Blackjack is the hot new table game that everyone wants to play. The goal of Power Blackjack remains the same as with any other variation of blackjack. The idea that the player needs to have a hand higher than that of the dealer without going over 21 doesn’t change.

Power Blackjack enjoys an RTP of 89.80% and for the side beds, they rank between 94.71% and 96.58%. When it comes to the betting limits, then the minimum bet is £1 and the maximum is £1,000. For the side bets, these are ranging from £1 to £100. You’ll quickly see that the table features are identical to those used in Infinite Blackjack and Free bet Blackjack. With relatively small betting amounts, it’s economical to play online blackjack for real money.

Enjoy the Live Tables of Evolution’s Power Blackjack

When it comes to this live dealer of variation of blackjack, you are going to notice a few very striking differences. Without a doubt, the most important is the fact that the 9s and the 10s are missing from the deck. Now, since the game of blackjack is normally played using 8 decks, then this difference will prove extremely significant.

power blackjack
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After all, there are 64 fewer cards in the shoe. Another important factor is that the blackjack dealer checks for blackjack if his up-card is a face card. This last point will save the player from increasing their wagers when the dealer has a blackjack.

Yet another important difference is the Blackjack Double Down option. If you’re thinking about the old-school blackjack double down, then you need to forget it. When playing Evolution Gaming’s live dealer Power Blackjack, a player can triple down or even quadruple down. Not only that, but you can also do it on any two cards. Even off two splitting hands. With such huge differences in the gameplay, it’s not surprising that all your old blackjack strategies fly right out the window. You’ll need to rethink your jackpot winning strategies from the ground up. To get a better idea of how the betting functions in Power Blackjack, we suggest that you try a few hands at King Billy Casino. Their live dealer version of this game is second to none.

Power Blackjack Side Bets

The side bets in Power Blackjack offer very exciting gameplay. Just as with Infinite Blackjack, Power Blackjack has four side bets They do not follow the Six Card Charlie rule. The optional four side bets are Any Pair, 21 + 3, Hot 3, and Bust It. As you are well aware, these are all very well-known side bets. Each one will offer a very different payout. So let’s have a quick look and see what they mean and how much you can hope to win. Any Pair –  The first 2 cards of the player’s hand are a pair.

power blackjack
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  • 21+3       –   The player’s first 2 cards and the dealer’s up-card form a Straight, Flush, or  3-of-a-kind
  • Hot 3     –   The player’s first 2 cards and the dealer’s up-card total 19-21
  • Bust It   –   The dealer goes bust

Increased Payouts

Now as you’ve probably guessed, different side bet variations are going to pay out different amounts. An example would be a pair that pays at 7:1. A suited pair pays at 20:1. You’ll find an even more impressive difference with the 21 + 3 and Hot 3 side bets. The Hot 3 will payout at 1:1  providing your first two cards and the dealer’s up-card make a total of 19. If the first three cards are all sevens then you receive a tasty payout of 100:1.

But we can certainly up the ante when it comes to payouts from the Bust It side bet. If the dealer happens to go bust with more than 8 cards, then you’ll receive a massive payout of 250:1. That’s quite a ridiculous payout, especially considering you have to do absolutely nothing. We should mention that all side bets are easy to place and spot. If you wish to bet on all four with a single click, then there’s a handy button available labeled “All Side Bets.” This will place the selected four bets for you.

The Power Blackjack Strategy

Most blackjack veterans and blackjack experts will often remind players that strategy is one of the most important aspects of being able to win at the table game of blackjack. It’s vital that the strategy is correct for that particular variation of blackjack. It’s the same story when it comes to Power Blackjack.

power blackjack
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A decent strategy can prove very helpful indeed, but it needs to be the correct one. We suggest that you stay away from many of the so-called perfect blackjack strategies you may find online in forums, particularly if they require any sort of payment.

At the end of the day, all Blackjack players know that it’s really a scientific game. There is definitely a right and a wrong answer. So do you choose to increase your bet, bet big, take a card or place a smaller bet? There’s no absolute right or wrong answer. Just make sure that you’re using the right strategy for Evolution Gaming’s Power Blackjack.

We should point out that there are other games that have the same name. These are titles from other games providers, as well as a game that’s often played in land-based casinos. You must be prepared to make the effort to learn the blackjack strategy needed by the heart. That’s because, in the real game situation, you will not have much time to look at a chart and consider the options. You’ll quickly find out that all top live dealer blackjack tables run very fast games.

Expert Tips & Tricks

The first thing we should point out is that no matter what blackjack strategy you’re using, it’s not going to offer a guarantee that you will win. These online blackjack game types always involve a good dose of luck or chance. When it comes to finding a blackjack strategy, well, that’s not difficult.

power blackjack
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After all, you can just search online. Having said that, if you actually look through the “help section” of the Evolution game itself, there’s a section about helpful strategies. When it comes to betting options, like to triple or quadruple down, we suggest that you only bet according to your bankroll possibilities. And talking of your bankroll, we suggest that you head over to King Billy Casino. They have a generous welcome bonus for all new players of €1,000!

If you’re thinking about joining a Power Blackjack live table game, then you must have a complete and deep understanding of the rules of the game. Keep in mind, it’s not as easy as the regular high-low game variations that you can find in most online or even brick and mortar casinos. It’s also a good idea to be well acquainted with the strategies necessary for the particular variation of blackjack you’re going to be playing.

Final Thoughts on Power Blackjack

If you’re looking for an exciting and entertaining live dealer game, then you could do a lot worse than playing online blackjack for fun with Evolution Gaming’s Power Blackjack. It’s exciting and unusual gameplay, especially considering that the 9s and 10s have been removed. You’ll get some chances to take home some tasty winnings thanks to the 4 side beds available. And remember that some of these payouts go up to $250:1. Even though the Power Blackjack odds may not be up there with the best, it still remains that it’s worth your time and energy. To that end, here at BlackjackChamp.com, we highly recommend Power Blackjack from Evolution Gaming.

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