• A Complete Guide To Learning The Blackjack Strategy Chart

    If you're new to blackjack, then the gameplay must look very simple. But scratch the surface and you'll discover it's deceptively so. Blackjack at the casino is the one game where skills can bring the house edge down far enough into your favour that you can make steady and profitable sessions every time you play. But for this, you need a deep understanding of the card probabilities. For this, it's good to memorise a blackjack strategy chart. But you'll also need to know how to count cards.

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  • Online Casinos In Canada – Tips On Finding The Best Experience

    Not only does Canada have a number of home-grown casinos run by individual provinces, but you're also able to access offshore casinos perfectly legally. In fact, many of the most popular online casinos are international ones. As such they offer all players the chance to open their online casino accounts in Canadian dollars. We suggest that you check the banking pages, gaming licencing, as well as customer support, before taking the plunge into signing up to any online casino in Canada.

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  • Top 7 Online Blackjack Sites To Use If The Isolation Ward Has Wifi

    With Ebola sweeping the world you may find yourself with lots of time in isolation so we list the best places to play some blackjack whilst you wait out this modern day plague.

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