• Blackjack Tips And Tricks For A Better Gaming Experience

    Sitting down to play blackjack, whether, at a land-based casino or online, you'll see that many of the players at your elbows appear to have little idea of what they're doing. Yes, they know the game is about getting as close to 21. But as far as any blackjack tips or tricks, let alone any strategies, go, they are pretty clueless. Blackjack is not just a game of luck. With knowledge and skill, you can bring the casino odds down enough to give you a fair chance of taking home some winnings.

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  • Counting Cards At The Casino – Why It Doesn’t Work Anymore

    We've all seen the movies where the fortunes of the characters are suddenly turned around with the discovery that one of them has the ability to count cards. In a matter of hours they win a huge amount and break the bank. Unfortunately, this is just the fiction of Hollywood. And though it's true that back in the day, real gamblers could make a decent living counting cards, those days are now long gone. Today you have to contend with sophisticated casino security. And nothing gets past them.

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  • Advantage Play in Blackjack

    There are many ways that you an gain an upper hand when playing blackjack at the land based casino. They all fall under the title of advantage play. Essentially, you're finding ways to beat the casino's fixed advantage, also known as the house edge. The most well known method is card counting, though this is less relevant today than it was 20 years ago. Then there are things like trying to spot the dealers down card or marking the backs of the cards themselves. Finally, we have plain cheating.

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