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Sitting down to play blackjack, whether, at a land-based casino or online, you’ll see that many of the players at your elbows appear to have little idea of what they’re doing. Yes, they know the game is about getting as close to 21. But as far as any blackjack tips or tricks, let alone any strategies, go, they are pretty clueless. Blackjack is not just a game of luck. With knowledge and skill, you can bring the casino odds down enough to give you a fair chance of taking home some winnings.

Blackjack Tips For Casino Players

If you look at the packaging on food products you see that they list all the ingredients contained within. Apart from legal aspects, this is to allow consumers a choice. It helps them decide what they want to eat based on what’s in a particular food. Some say the same thing should really apply to casino games. After all, this will give all players the possibility of knowing what they’re getting into before they jump in.

Look around any casino gaming floor and you’ll see many players who are not exactly sure what they doing. Common sense will tell you that the more you know, the less you will lose over time. That’s why casino knowledge of the best blackjack tips and tricks matters.

With so many casino games being based on luck, the most important casino play is to try and keep your losses at a minimum. You already know the casino has an edge on every game and virtually every bet that takes place in the casino. If you’re ignorant of this fact, then you really need to start studying some blackjack tips and tricks. If only for self-preservation.

The Evolution Of Casino Blackjack 

Over the last 50 years, blackjack has become the most popular table game in the casino, having knocked craps off the top spot. One of the reasons for this was the huge spate of card counting which revolutionised the game in the 1960s and 70s.

blackjack tips
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Secondly, more women started to play. Interesting enough, even today, if you stand at any craps table, you’ll see that the vast majority of players are men.

Some Important Blackjack Playing Facts

  • Hands per hour:               Between 60 and over 100
  • Proper playing method:  Computer-derived basic strategy
  • House edges:                     Depending on the game, about one-half per cent. 
  • Money equivalent:           An expected loss of 50 cents per $100 wagered over time

Blackjack Tips Will Help Your Bankroll

You might be surprised at how many people are seated at the blackjack table and yet have very little idea what they’re doing. Furthermore, a quick tour of the internet will bring up hundreds of blackjack strategies which are not only seriously wrong but can end up seriously harming your bankroll.

We have seen many foolish blackjack playing strategies in use, with some methods predominating within certain quarters of the blackjack community. Below we’ve listed some of the dos and don’ts that really can help increase your jackpot winning chances or see your bankroll depleted in record time. These work at both real casinos as well as playing live dealer games at a casino like 22Bet Casino, which is the best gambling site for blackjack.

Stick To One Hand

There’s no point in playing more than one hand. Doing so will only increase the money the house edge makes.

Blackjack Tips: No Increasing Bets

Don’t fall into the trap of increasing your bets during a hot streak. Keep in mind that the house always wins approximately 48% of all hands.

blackjack tips
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The player wins approximately 44%. The remainder is 8% of pushes. This means by increasing your bets, you’re really just increasing the amount of money the casino takes off you.

Choose Your Table

When it comes to selecting a table on which to play, one of the best blackjack tips is to only go for those that are full or close to full. The reason for this is that it will reduce the total number of decisions the casino house edge could take advantage of.

Play With More Players

Following on from this, the more players present means the fewer hands you’ll be able to bet. Conversely, if you are alone, you’ll be able to play much faster and therefore wager more.

Blackjack Tips: Bathroom Breaks

If you need to take bathroom breaks then it’s important you go when the game is in full swing. In other words, don’t wait for the shuffle. The general consensus is that, because you’ll be away, you’ll be playing with a lesser number of hands. In turn, this leads to fewer losses.

Good And Bad Streaks

Good streaks can be strong and short for the player who makes decisions based on the best blackjack strategies. On the other hand, bad streaks where play doubles down doubles after splits and splits pairs, all need to be paid correctly.

blackjack tips
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Keep in mind that if you experience a losing streak with any of these hands then you going to put yourself in a deep hole that will be difficult to climb out of.

Other Blackjack Tips

Blackjack Tips: Watch The Payouts

You should always stay away from blackjack games with a payout of 6 to 5. That’s because you’ll find the house edge can be more than double. This holds true whether you’re playing at a land-based casino or online at, for example, 22Bet Casino.

Check The Rules

Always examine the basic blackjack rules of the particular game of blackjack you are about to play before you dive in. As a given, the more liberal the rules of the game, the better it will be for you. Conversely, if the rules are more restrictive, that’s a greater benefit to the casino.

Essential Blackack Tips: Never Give Advice

We suggest that you never give advice to other players at the blackjack table. If someone asks you then something, it’s better to politely tell them to ask the dealer. The reason is that everyone can get angry if your advice fails and they end up losing money. That’s why we think it’s always better to remain silent.

Who Pays For The Comps?

If you’re playing at a brick-and-mortar casino, then comps are an intricate part of the whole casino experience. Essentially, the casino is making a judgement based on how much money they think you will lose. They have been watching the way you play and the level of stakes you are placing.

With these numbers, the casino can calculate your theoretical loss. All comps are given based on this number. One of the most important blackjack tips is don’t fall into the trap of thinking that comps are freebies from the casino. Not so. In reality, they’re based on your potential losses. Which means that you are paying for them in the end.

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