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Compared to many other casino table games, the blackjack house edge appears to be much lower. In fact, in a regular game it hovers at around 2%. Because blackjack is a game of both luck and skill, it’s quite possible, that by playing perfect blackjack strategies, you can lower this down to around 0.5%. Only by using card counting can you get to this amazing figure. But the truth of the matter is that the counting of cards is very difficult at a land-based casino, and impossible online. 

The Blackjack House Edge

You often hear gamblers saying that the house edge in blackjack is one of the lowest of all casino games. In fact, it can get as low as 0.5%. But this would depend on the rules of the game, the strategy of the player and the number of decks involved. Yet the house edge is not just important for the player, but also is an essential matter for the casino. After all, it’s the house edge that will determine the chances a player has of winning against the casino.

There are a number of aspects to consider when we talk about the house edge in blackjack.  And there are a number of ways that a player can raise or lower it. Today at, we thought we’d have a look at some of these and see how they may be a benefit to you the next time you’re sitting at the blackjack table.

The Basics Of The Blackjack House Edge

First of all we should discuss exactly what the house edge is. It can be best defined as the profits that the casino expects to make on every iteration of the game. It’s expressed as a percentage and the regular blackjack house edge is around 2%. In real terms, this implies that for every $100 bet, a player will lose $2.

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In some ways the house edge could be looked at as being the expected win rate for the casino. But you should also consider that the house edge is something to take into consideration over the long term. Many shorter variances will stop the player from winning and may allow the casino to win even more. By the way, you can learn how to play blackjack for free by heading over to the excellent, 1xBet Casino.

What’s The Significance Of The House Edge In Blackjack For The Casino?

Essentially, it’s the statistical advantage that the casino has every time a player plays a hand of blackjack. Whatever you bet, this is the advantage that the casino holds and it’s owing to this that the casino can even afford to offer the games in the first place. By taking into account the statistics gathered over a huge number of repeated games, the casinos are able to calculate the house edge. So keep in mind that it’s an average. You could look at the house edge as the way that casinos make money. On the other flip of the coin, it provides both the facilities and the entertainment necessary for a player to enjoy themselves. And that all needs paying for!

The Player’s Statistical Advantage Over The Casino

As we previously mentioned the blackjack house edge is around 2%. As such, this is the built-in advantage that the casino has over a regular player. Having said that, there can be some situations when it’s possible for a player to reduce the house edge over the casino or the dealer. It all boils down to strategic decisions that a player can make. Remember that everything is depending on the cards in the dealer’s hands and the cards in the player’s own.

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A player has a number of options. He can split, re-split or double down. In doing so he can move the odds of certain hands into his own favour. Obviously, by doing this, he’s going to reduce the house edge another percentage point down. By making use of some basic blackjack strategy, as well as some advanced strategies including card counting, the player is able to bring the house percentage closer to zero. As you can imagine, that gives the average player a much larger advantage and certainly increases their chances of taking home some winnings.

Because basic blackjack strategy is fixed to the cards, many players make use of an online blackjack strategy chart to help them identify the odds better. This will help them make the best possible decisions for each hand.

So Why Do Players Lose When Playing Blackjack?

As the old casino adage goes, “the house always wins.” It’s a harsh reality that gamblers will inevitably lose at the casino. Let’s face it, that’s why the house edge exists. For every game that’s on offer in the casino has an edge that favours the house. If it wasn’t that way then they certainly wouldn’t offer it in the first place. Keep in mind that in blackjack, it’s not a requirement for the dealer to play his hand when the player goes bust.

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Now, on the face of it, if you’re not a blackjack player, this may sound significant. But it’s important to note that if there was a rule forcing the dealer to play, and thereby risk going bust themselves, then the casino’s edge would be significantly lower.

The Blackjack House Edge And The Number Of Decks

Depending on the number of decks used in a blackjack game, then it will have a significant effect on the house edge. The reason is to do with the number of hands that are dealt out before the cards are reshuffled. Remember that the casino has an advantage on every hand. Consequently, the more hands played, the larger the house advantage. If a blackjack game contains 4 to 8 decks, then maybe around 20 hands could be played before the dealer shuffles. But the problem with shuffling is that it slows the game and thereby slows down the casino’s edge. 

To overcome this, you’ll find that many casinos use “Continuous Shuffling Machines.” This means that the dealer doesn’t have to stop to reshuffle during a game. It also means that the number of decks is going to be much greater. As a general rule of thumb, you can say that the fewer the decks used in the game of blackjack, then the lower the house edge will be. Having said that, it’s worthwhile noting that virtually all casinos will make use of shuffling machines.

Misconceptions About The Blackjack House Edge

When it comes to the house edge in blackjack, many players, both novices and veterans, hold a number of misconceptions. Let’s have a look at the major ones with these:

After A Losing Streak Your House Edge Increases

We’re not quite sure where this misconception comes from. But the idea that the blackjack edge will automatically increase after losing streak is plainly nuts.

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The trouble with this is there’s no logical explanation behind it. Quite the contrary, the longer the player plays, the higher the possibility of losing. Remember the Gambler’s Fallacy? Yes that’s right, every hand is separate from the last and plays out individually.

Every Player Has A 0.5% Blackjack House Edge

It’s a sad truth that not many players will be able to enjoy the 0.5% blackjack house edge. That’s because it’s only possible if you happen to be playing perfect blackjack strategy. Most gamblers who turn up at the casino just play a game for the fun of it. And there’s certainly no strategy involved, only luck. In such cases, there’s absolutely no limit as to how high the house edge percentage can go. It’s much better for your bankroll if you learn how to play blackjack properly at an online site like 1xBet Casino. Not only can you play their amazing live dealer games of blackjack, but also they give all new players a great welcome bonus of 100% Up to €100! This will certainly help stretch your bankroll even further, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

Lower Your House Edge With The Dealer

Once again, this is another very strange misconception as the dealer has zero influence on the house edge. In the same way that there are rules for the players, there are also a set of rules for that dealer. Probably one of the most important is that they’re able to keep hitting until they get to a 17.

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At that point they can neither raise nor lower the house edge. Some players may feel that the dealer has somehow got it in for them. But the rules by which the dealer is playing mean that they can’t target any individual player. The only thing a dealer can do is control the speed of play. But it’s only natural that some dealers are faster at dealing than others.

Card Counting Will Increase Your Edge

As you’re probably aware, thanks to any number of Hollywood casino movies, card counting appears to be a technique whereby you can beat the casino. It involves keeping both a true count and a running count of the cards at the same time. With this technique you’re able to get an idea as to the value of the card’s that have been dealt. More importantly, those cards that are left in the remaining deck. It’s true that card counting can reduce the casino’s edge. But at the same time it’s also true that the casinos will do everything in their power to maintain their house edge.

Because card counting relies on patterns of betting, the casino runs software, as well as floor managers, who can spot these patterns from a mile away. On the whole, if you are found to be counting cards in a casino, within 10 minutes you will be backed off and asked to leave.

Quit While You’re Still Ahead

Although we’ve spoken a great deal about perfect blackjack strategies, it’s important to remember that blackjack is also a game of luck. This contingent of luck can change your fortunes on the turn of a card. Here at, we recommend that a wise strategy is simply to quit whilst you’re winning. Don’t fall into the trap of chasing your losses. And if you feel you are beginning to do so, then we suggest you turn away from the games table and leave the casino. 

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