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One of the main reasons why the casino table game of blackjack is so popular is the fact that it’s not just about luck. By playing intelligently, you can move the odds in your favor. And by reducing the house edge, you can make some serious profits throughout an evening at the casino. Several factors separate the good and profitable players from the losers. Much will come down to fully understanding blackjack strategies, as well as a large dose of common sense.

Good Blackjack Players: What makes Them Tick?

All the casino table games available, probably blackjack is the most interesting. As you’re well aware, it’s a very popular card game because it promises a lower house edge than virtually every other game in the casino. Today we thought we’d take a deeper dive into the skills and knowledge necessary to become one of the better and more successful blackjack players. Remember the name of the game is to separate fiction from reality and leave you with some nice profits.

It’s interesting to note how some blackjack players can steadily build up massive wins by playing blackjack. Whereas others failed miserably. Because the game requires skill as well as luck, then it’s not possible to blame everything on either good or bad luck. There are several simple strategic blackjack rules which need to be followed in order to come out on top. Keep in mind that the player who is winning is not necessarily doing so with large wins. If you follow the progress of many professional blackjack players, you’ll see that they are simply consistently profitable. In truth, their wins may be relatively small, but they are nevertheless continuous. This comes from using skills to reduce the house edge. And thereby improve the odds of winning. So let’s have a look at the qualities that are necessary to become one of the great blackjack players.

Knowledge and More Knowledge

If you wish to make any sort of profit in the card game of blackjack then you mustn’t rely solely on luck. You must come to rely on what’s known as “optimum blackjack strategy.”  This is something that you need to learn before you even step foot into a casino or log on to an online casino, like 22Bet Casino, to play.

blackjack players
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Now if you’re a novice player, then it’s absolutely essential that you understand how the gameplay functions, how the cards are dealt as well as the individual card values. It’s important that you know your way around the blackjack table like a boss.

By studying perfect blackjack strategies, you’ll get to know what to do when you have a soft hand or a hard hand. You’ll have a knowledge-base of how to behave when you need to hit, stand, double down, or split. Understanding how to make optimum use of the two cards you have been initially dealt with is crucial to anyone wishing to make progress in blackjack. Only once you become well versed with optimum basic blackjack strategy, and understand the rules of the game, then you may be able to play at less than 0.5% of the house edge.  As you can imagine with this, your winning chances increase exponentially.

Versatility Coupled With A Clear Plan

You must have a clear plan in your mind. Even before you sit down to play at the blackjack table. Knowing optimum blackjack strategy is one thing. But it’s how you plan to put it into use that can make all the difference between having a successful or unsuccessful night. You’ll find that all casinos, especially online ones, have many different blackjack variants. Some will be played with a different number of decks of cards. For others, this may be with a live dealer or against an AI bot. Whatever the situation, it’s important that all blackjack players take into account all these variations. We suggest that you make use of free blackjack practice. You can find free-play blackjack games at 22Bet Casino. This will give you a better feel for the game.

blackjack players
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At the same time though, you want to be applying your winning blackjack strategies. But it’s best to try and relax a little about your gameplay. As sticking to a rigid plan may lead to you missing out on subtle but meaningful differences in gameplay. The last thing you want to do is throw away a perfectly good hand because you are rigid in your thinking.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re playing online, then the game of blackjack is played at a much faster rate than in a land-based casino. This means that to utilize the strategy you wish to implement, you’ll need to be both quick and very proactive with your decision-making.

Good Blackjack Players Manage Their Bankroll

For all gamblers, whether gambling at the casino or on sports, everything revolves around your bankroll and how you manage it. In fact, we should go so far as to say that there will be no betting journey if your bankroll is depleted within the first 10 minutes. Is necessary to know when and how to minimize your losses, as well as understand how to maximize your profits. Here at, we recommend that all blackjack players also look out for the size of their bets, depending on whether they’re winning or losing.

This is probably the best method to stay afloat in the game. Once your bankroll starts growing again then you can start to raise the stakes once more. You must have the strength of character to keep your emotions at bay as you’re betting. After all, it is all down to mathematics. And mathematics has nothing to do with your emotions.

Counting Cards

You’ll see many articles about blackjack which tell you that there’s a huge advantage to be had from counting cards. While this is perfectly true, and it will give you a greater edge, the truth of the matter is that counting cards at a lot of casinos is incredibly difficult.

blackjack players
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Counting cards at an online casino is absolutely impossible. So, though the technique looks great in  Hollywood movies, where it’s featured as one of the most common blackjack tricks, in reality, casinos will do everything in their power to ensure that you are not able to keep a real or running count of the cards. So you’ll be unable to predict whether the remainder of the deck contains high or low cards.

Although the technique is not difficult to master, your opportunity to use it in the casino is going to be very limited. Not only is the dealer, the eye in the sky, the Pit Boss, and programmed chips keeping an eye on your playing style, but they will instantly recognize the betting patterns that can only come from card counting. Now virtually all casinos will feature card shuffling machines which make blackjack card counting totally redundant.

Exercise Some Self Control

With all forms of gambling, including blackjack, it’s important that you exercise self-control.  Remember that you’ll be spending your own hard-earned cash when playing this game. So you should be smart, as well as recognize your limits. We suggest that you set a bankroll limit before you even enter the casino and determine that you will stick to it rigidly. This way, you’ll not have to worry that you’re spending more money than you can afford. Keep in mind that it is statistically impossible for blackjack players to win every time and with every hand. It’s for this reason that playing within your means is essential. There’s nothing wrong with having a winning limit, as opposed to simply a losing one.

blackjack players
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This means that once you’ve won a certain amount, you will simply walk away from the casino table and call it a night. At least this way, you get to keep your winnings, as opposed to losing them by continually betting. As a general rule, we suggest that you never put down more than 10% of your entire bankroll for anyone bet. This will help you stretch out your playing time. Don’t forget about the law of averages. The longer you bet, the greater the possibility you can win. This is providing you choose to bet in a sensible manner.

Good Blackjack Players Leave Side Bets Alone

In the standard game of blackjack, you’ll find there out a number of side bets available. You’ll notice that the dealer will often encourage you to take these, as they promise the prospect of additional winnings. But if you examine them more closely you’ll see that they also increase the house edge. Here at, we recommend you stay away from these. In particular, the insurance side bet, which will see your bankroll depleted in no time at all.

With the insurance bet, you’ll find the house edge increases by as much as 6%. And remember that even if you have a blackjack, you will only win the original bet. Consider that if the dealer has blackjack too, it’s a push, which means a no-win situation. In other words, a loss for you. So stay away from the insurance bet for your own sanity and for the sanity of your bankroll.

Take A Seat Further Away From The Dealer

If you’re playing blackjack at a brick-and-mortar casino, then it’s a good idea to avoid the first base chair. We strongly suggest that you sit further down. This will become relevant in situations where the dealer appears to be in a hurry.  This is because, by avoiding the first chair and sitting further away, you’ll have more time to review your hand. Also, you can think about strategy, as well as consider the dealer’s upcard. By using this time constructively, you’ll be able to make better use of your basic blackjack strategy.

blackjack players
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Also sitting further away from the dealer gives you a chance to take an overview of the whole situation. You’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on in front of you at the blackjack table. One of these, funny enough, is the mood of the dealer. That’s because the dealer can have hot or cold streaks. And these can also have a positive or negative effect on blackjack players.

Great Blackjack Players Are Driven By Statistics

If you want to start winning when playing blackjack, then please leave your hunches at the door. More than anything you should be always examining the statistics. It’s so easy to find any number of misconceptions, myths, and tall stories which revolve around this casino table game. But they are nothing more than an irritating distraction. Use the numbers, plus your own skills. We suggest that you play online blackjack for fun. This is how you not only end up winning but also have a blast doing so.

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