• Blackjack Players Who Rise To The Top – How Do They Do It?

    One of the main reasons why the casino table game of blackjack is so popular is the fact that it's not just about luck. By playing intelligently, you can move the odds into your favour. And by reducing the house edge, you can make some serious profits over the course of an evening at the casino. There are a number of factors that separate the good and profitable players from the losers. Much will come down to fully understanding blackjack strategies, as well as a large dose of common sense.

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  • Blackjack Double Down Bet – When And When Not To Play It

    By it's nature, the blackjack double down bet is an exciting wager to place. After all, it can double your initial bet. But conversely, playing it wrongly can have dire consequences for your gambling bankroll. So it's important to understand the optimal opportunity to place this bet. You'll need to understand basic blackjack strategy in order for the double down bet to work for you. Don't do as many players do, and simply place the bet because they are only thinking of doubling their money.

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  • 7 Tips for Exploiting a Blackjack Dealer’s Hole Card

    In special situations forget what the blackjack strategy chart says and play as aggressively as possible

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