blackjack double down strategies

Whether you’re a novice or veteran blackjack player, the blackjack double-down bets are some of the most popular wagers seen in the exciting table game. Essentially, you’re going to double your bet and hope the next card can bring home the bacon. Take care to note whether the dealer has a lower card before you consider making this bet. We suggest that you already have a good knowledge base before embarking on this betting option. Keep a strategy chart handy and learn how to signal to the dealer.

Blackjack Double Down Strategies And Bets In Casinos Across Canada

When it comes to the different types of blackjack bets, then we’re certain that the blackjack double down strategies associated with them are probably some of the best known. In simple terms this wager allows you to double your bet. So you can match the amounts of your initial wager. And in return for this, you’ll receive just one card. Keep in mind that once you receive a total of three cards then the round is over for you. And you’ll have to wait and see what the dealer has. It’s a very simple move. Yet if and when you know when to utilize it, it can make a huge difference to the results.

One way of looking at the blackjack double-down bet is it’s like having an additional wager. You can use it to help you determine if you have a winning hand or not. That’s because playing the double-down bet will give you some extra information, as well as a tactical insight. Keep in mind that you already know the strength of your hand, but can also gain knowledge about the dealer’s hand at the same time.

Consider The Risks

But it’s not all positive. Making the double down in blackjack is still a risky move. That’s because the Canadian casino like 22Bet Casino always has an edge. So we recommend that you only make use of the blackjack double down bet if you’re absolutely confident and fully committed to it.

blackjack double down strategies
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One thing’s for sure. If you happen to see a player who’s making use of the blackjack double down strategies frequently, then it points to the fact that they’re probably still a novice. That’s because doubling down too often is going to be counterproductive. Thanks to the above-mentioned house edge at Canadian casinos, doubling down in blackjack can cause you to lose a significant amount of cash. And no one wants that, do they?

Best Blackjack Double Down Strategies

Now you know what the blackjack double down bet is, let’s have a look at the best blackjack strategies. If you head over to YouTube, you’ll find literally hundreds of videos about doubling down. Unfortunately, many of these so-called gambling experts are fake.

They don’t even understand the most basic blackjack rules. But on the other hand, they don’t make their money by playing blackjack. But rather by selling misinformation. The bottom line is that you will not know whether a double-down strategy functions until you try it out. Nevertheless, to save time and energy, below you’ll find listed the number of blackjacks double down betting strategies that should work well straight out of the box.

With a Hard 9 or 10

As you’re probably aware, a “hard hand” means a hand that contains no Ace. Here at, we suggest that if you find yourself with a hard 9 or a hard 10, then it’s probably a good idea to think about doubling down. Keep in mind that it’s only a smart move if you see the dealer has a lower value card. If he does, then you’re going to be putting yourself in more positive territory with a much better chance of winning the round.

With A Total Of 11

Having a total of 11 is probably the most popular situation when players make use of the blackjack double down strategies and bets. So if the two cards you have total 11, then you should probably make use of it.

blackjack double down strategies
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The reason is that you’re just one card away from having a blackjack. Also, if you don’t happen to have cards valued at more than 10 points, you’re still safe and going to be in the game. There’s no way you can go bust with a total of just 11.

With A Soft 16, 17, or 18

The polar opposite of a hard hand is going to be, unsurprisingly, a “soft hand.” This means that one of the two cards you initially received from a dealer is an Ace. By dint of having a soft hand, will increase your winning possibilities. Simply because your statistical chances are going to be much greater with an Ace. For example, the probability of hitting 21 or getting as close to it as possible is very good. Once again, though only double down if you can see the dealer is showing a lower card value.

It’s a good idea to maintain a strategic approach. Especially when you’re doubling down with the soft 16, 17, or 18. You may be surprised as to how many players become overconfident with this hand when doubling down. In many cases, you’ll see them lose unnecessarily. If they’d only kept a level head, then they would be pocketing some winnings.

Blackjack Double Down Strategies – Mistakes To Avoid

Without a doubt, when it comes to one of the most exciting and coolest moves of the blackjack table, then the blackjack double down bet is going to be a player’s first choice. But it’s important to remember not to overdo it. This will only have a detrimental effect on the game.

blackjack double down strategies
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To that end, knowing exactly when to double down and when not to double down is going to be as important as knowing all the perfect blackjack strategies. All this extra knowledge should help you to save money in the long run. Your bankroll is probably the most critical aspect of any type of gambling.

Below you will find listed situations when you should never place a blackjack double down bet:

If The Dealer Has An Ace

Well, you don’t need anyone to tell you that this should be given in any situation in blackjack. Even the most basic blackjack knowledge will tell you this. So, if you see the blackjack is showing, then never double down. It’s immaterial how strong you think your hand is. That’s because by having an Ace, then the odds of winning are always in the dealer’s favor.

If You Have A Hard Hand Bigger Than 11

Once again, this should be pretty obvious to most blackjack players. The problem is that many players will disregard this factor in the heat of the game. So you might ask why shouldn’t you double down if you have, for example, a 12 in total? Well, it’s all to do with the chances of going bust.

For example, being able to hit a 9 or an 8 could be quite difficult. We suggest that it’s best to stick with your lower-value hand. If you were to choose to double down, there’s always the possibility that you will quickly go bust. If in doubt, then simply refer to the blackjack strategy chart.

Read Through The Casino’s Rules For Doubling Down

It’s important to be aware that some Canadian casinos like 22Bet Casino may have their own specific rules when it comes to the blackjack double-down bet. A good example would be that many Canadian casinos will only allow you to double down if you’re showing a total of 10 or 11.

blackjack double down strategies
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Another thing you’ll find in the rules is the casino’s policy for the dealer. Some casinos allow the dealer to hit up to 16 or up to 17. This can affect the odds.

Doubling Down And Hitting

Another rule you may find in many of the best online blackjack casinos in Canada is that you’re not allowed to double down after hitting. You can understand this. It would move the edge too much in the player’s favor.

Blackjack Doubling Down Strategies And Splitting

Likewise, you’ll find that the vast majority of casinos in Canada will not allow you to mix double down, and split. We can say that virtually all land-based casinos will not allow this. Though you may well find it featured in some online casinos. If you do find it, then grab it with both hands. After all, being able to double down after splitting is going to certainly increase your overall winning chances, as well as doubling your initial stake.

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How To Signal That You Want To Double Down

If you’re at a brick-and-mortar casino in Canada, then it’s important to understand the etiquette associated with asking for a blackjack double down strategies and bets. It’s straightforward to remember the process. To double down your betting in blackjack, simply push a stack of casino chips next to your original bet for the round. That’s it! The vast majority of casinos around the world from Las Vegas to Macau, to Toronto and Ottawa, will accept this as the universal blackjack double down bet request.