• Blackjack Players Who Rise To The Top – How Do They Do It?

    One of the main reasons why the casino table game of blackjack is so popular is the fact that it's not just about luck. By playing intelligently, you can move the odds into your favour. And by reducing the house edge, you can make some serious profits over the course of an evening at the casino. There are a number of factors that separate the good and profitable players from the losers. Much will come down to fully understanding blackjack strategies, as well as a large dose of common sense.

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  • Vingt-et-un – The Original Form Of The Card Game Of Blackjack

    Vingt-et-un is the original version of the casino card game of blackjack. The name means "21" in French, and like blackjack, the aim is to get as close to a total hand of 21, without going over, and providing the dealer isn't closer himself. The betting is easy and it's possible to make bank, but only if you fully understand basic playing strategy. Vingt-et-un does have some subtle but nevertheless important differences from blackjack and we suggest that you learn them before playing

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  • Blackjack Insurance: What is It Good For and Should I Ever Use It?

    Blackjack insurance seems to favor the player, but does it actually, and should players ever use it?

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