• Losing At Blackjack – How To Maintain Composure At The Casino

    Enjoying casino games often revolves around maintaining a level headed approach to gambling. This will help avoid those rash decisions that so often lead to painful losses. Part and parcel of keeping cool of how you mentally approach both winning and losing. Of course, any big win is going to feel amazing. There's no harm in showing your happiness. The real test of being mature is how you deal with those ineviable losses that are bound to happen once in a while. It's about losing with dignity.

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  • Blackjack Skill Or Luck – Which Factor Matters Most?

    The eternal debate between skill and luck is forever raging in blackjack circles. But stepping back to look at the larger picture, then it's easy to see that the classic casino table game needs a good dose of both of these factors. Though an unskilled player may claim that there's no skill to affect the game's outcome, the truth is that by making some important decisions during game play, a player can certainly influence the eventual outcome of the game he's playing.

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  • House Edge In Blackjack – How To Make It Work For You

    Compared to many other casino table games, the blackjack house edge appears to be much lower. In fact, in a regular game it hovers at around 2%. Because blackjack is a game of both luck and skill, it's quite possible, that by playing perfect blackjack strategies, you can lower this down to around 0.5%. Only by using card counting can you get to this amazing figure. But the truth of the matter is that the counting of cards is very difficult at a land-based casino, and impossible online.

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