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The eternal debate between skill and luck is forever raging in blackjack circles. But stepping back to look at the larger picture, then it’s easy to see that the classic casino table game needs a good dose of both of these factors. Though an unskilled player may claim that there’s no skill to affect the game’s outcome, the truth is that by making some important decisions during game play, a player can certainly influence the eventual outcome of the game he’s playing.

How Much Blackjack Skill Is Necessary To Win?

There appears to be a continuous debate amongst casino blackjack players. It’s about the level of blackjack skill versus the amount of luck you’ll need to win. If you were to approach 100 different blackjack players and asked them which is more important, you would probably receive back 100 different answers. On the one side, we have those who genuinely believe that blackjack is nothing more than a game of luck. And on the other end of the scale, there are those who think it’s all about skill and experience. Yet others will bring such things as intuition into the mix. 

The thing about these players who insist that there is no skill involved still believes deep down that there are ways that can influence the results. The problem with this is that all the crystal balls in the world, and all the intuition, cannot predict the next card to be drawn. Everything that happens in blackjack is down to luck. So if you have come across the question as to whether blackjack is more a game of skill or luck, you can see the answer is pretty obvious. It’s actually both!

Blackjack Skill And Luck In Perfect Balance

The players who think that there is no skill involved in the casino table game of blackjack obviously have very little understanding of how the game functions. The truth of the matter is that blackjack differs considerably more chances of winning than many other casino table games. With a game such as roulette, you just place a bet across your fingers and wait to see the outcome of the ball landing on the spinning wheel. But with blackjack, you’re able to choose a number of different options, including hitting or standing. And these are dependent on how the cards play out. In some casinos, there’s even an option of seeing half your initial bet returned by surrendering hands or doubling down.

blackjack skill
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Because the play is about making conscious decisions, concerning the player’s own choices, then there’s bound to be a degree of skill involved. These decisions will actually have an influence on your likelihood of winning or losing. It doesn’t matter that there’s a house hedge involved. Or that you cannot predict the cards coming from the dealer’s hand. You still have to make the right decision when the time comes. There are no secret blackjack winning tips that can change this.

Blackjack Winning Decisions

If you set out to become a competent blackjack player, then be aware that it takes considerable time and effort, along with plenty of practice. The idea is to eventually get to the point where you can make decisions instinctively. All these skills will revolve around whether you should stand or hit. Of course, this is dependent on the cards that are dealt to you, along with the dealer’s face-up card. If you spend any time around a blackjack table in a brick and mortar casino, you’ll see that the vast majority of players simply indicate hit or miss at random. They are just not thinking about the possible outcomes. 

Keep in mind that being successful in blackjack is not about being able to influence anything in order to ensure that you win. That would be too obvious. It’s more about calculating the risk and odds involved concerning the choices that are available for you. You then choose and make your bets accordingly. The same strategy applies if your gambling online at a casino like 22Bet Casino. We should remind you that this is one of the best online casinos for blackjack.

The Luck Involved In Blackjack

Many players who have studied blackjack and practised for a considerable time like to overemphasise the amount of skill required. This is the Dunning-Kruger effect, where people tend to judge themselves as being more clever than they really are. The real crux of the matter is that it doesn’t really matter how much knowledge, skill, or practice you have under your belt. At the end of the day you’re fighting against a house edge. This means that your outcomes, even on 50/50 bets, will always be lower than 50/50, as the house edge plays it’s part. As the old saying goes, “the house always wins.”

blackjack skill
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It’s quite possible that you could spend years mastering the art of blackjack by playing every day of your life. Yet you could still find yourself on the end of a long losing streak. The reason is simple. No matter how much knowledge you bring to the table, and however many right moves you make, the actual outcome is still 100% random. You cannot control which cards you’re going to see next. Many gamblers will boast that they can manufacture a position from where they cannot lose. But this is a false sense of security. Because everything can turn negative in an instant on the turn of the next card.

Which Plays The Biggest Role – Blackjack Skill Or Luck?

Well, this is the debates that we started with. The answer is quite straightforward. But you’d be surprised how each viewpoint sticks to their guns. All casino gambling involves chance. But in order to make money, the casino stacks the odds against the player. And does this by making sure that the house edge is always in play. It goes without saying that if a player was able to really master a casino game to ensure consistent wins, then the casino would be out of business. So no matter how much research or experimenting you do, there’s no way you can guarantee success when playing at the blackjack table.

Everything that happens is down to the randomness of the next card. In this respect, blackjack is much more about luck and skill. But if you decide to play some perfect blackjack strategies, then it may be possible that you can walk away with a profit.

How About Card Counting?

It’s interesting, but whenever we talk about blackjack, someone will bring up counting cards. They claim this is the one exception to the rule, and will allow the player to have an edge over the casino. In truth, this house edge does exist, and it’s between 0.5% to 2%. The problem here is that it’s so low that it’s just not sustainable or profitable for the vast majority of players.

blackjack skill
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Card counting is not as effortless as it may appear in Hollywood movies. After all, you need to keep a mental count of all the cards that have been dealt so that you can find the predictive value of the cards that remain in the shoe. And you must do this whilst looking calm, natural and collected. 

We’re not saying that card counting cannot work. But it does require an enormous amount of practice and effort. And yes, in truth it can give you a tiny advantage over the house. So it can allow you to predict outcomes more accurately. But when we step back and look at the big picture, we must confess that card counting in blackjack is not a viable playing strategy. First, you have to consider that to count cards is exceptionally difficult. Many players who have practised over and over again find it difficult to pull it off in a casino. And that’s because, when they’re counting cards, they generally under a huge amount of stress.

The Sheer Embarrassment Of The Back-Off

After all, no one wants to suffer a back-off for counting cards. You’ll find that virtually every casino will prohibit counting cards, even though it’s technically not illegal. But the casino is private property. And as such, they’re definitely entitled to ask someone to leave. One final point is that card counting doesn’t function at the online casino. So if you’ve playing at our favorited online casino, 22Bet Casino, just forget about it and enjoy yourself when you play online blackjack for fun.

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A Blackjack Skill That Will See You Thrown Out

The casino has security everywhere. From the eye-in-the-sky to the floor manager and pit boss. So it’s practically impossible to count cards today in a modern casino. The problem is not the counting of the cards itself. It’s more to do with the betting patterns. You see, depending on the number and type of cards left in the shoe, then you would either start betting high or low. These patterns make it obvious that you are counting cards. So not only is the process of counting cards difficult, but it’s almost impossible to get away with it when you’re sitting at the casino gaming table. keep in mind that all of today’s casinos also make use of shuffling machines as well as constantly swapping out the decks during the game play.

Another salient point to consider is that you’re going to go to extremes, including the risk of being kicked out and banned from a casino, just to give yourself a 0.5% – 22% edge over the house. In all honesty, with an edge like this, it’s a pretty pointless venture. Especially considering how much effort you’ll need to put into the process. On the whole, you’re still going to be looking at negative odds, even when you’re close to 50/50. That means you’ll be losing 50% of the time. At the end of the day, your winnings will barely cover your losses. Technically you should end up in the same place you started. If you want to make money by counting cards then you need to accept that it’s a waste of time. It’s really not worth bothering about. Just play and enjoy yourself.