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Playing blackjack as a hobby or pastime is very different than playing as a professional. For a start, you have to make enough money to make a decent living. When you take into consideration the tiny edge the professional player has over the house, you’ll need to be playing more or less non-stop in order to pay the monthly bills. If you want to make the transition from amateur to professional, then you’ll need to learn a huge number of playing elements to help you win on a consistent basis.

Professional Blackjack Knowledge

To be frank, the casino game of blackjack isn’t that difficult to learn. Yet it’s said that one of the most difficult things you can do is to follow the careers of pro-blackjack players. Of course, you’ll master the right skills. Then it’s possible to make money whilst traveling around the world playing your favorite game. Or even by playing online at a casino like 22Bet Casino. Of course, we understand that many regular blackjack players are dreaming of beating the casino. But in reality, very few of these dreams will come true. Nevertheless, you must be willing to dedicate enough time and energy to learning your trade. As only then you too, can become a professional blackjack player. So let’s have a look at some of the things, apart from the basic blackjack rules, you’ll need under your belt to make a living as a blackjack pro.

Pro Blackjack Players: When To Take Insurance 

When it comes to blackjack insurance, there are two types of pro-blackjack players; those who take it and those who never touch it. Here at, we suggest that the correct play when it comes to dealing with insurance is to never take it. But having said that, you can teach yourself various technical methods that will determine whether you should take insurance or not. It’s a formula that all professional blackjack players know and utilize.

pro blackjack players
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The main reason why we don’t recommend you take insurance is that the odds of the dealer having a blackjack at 2.25 to 1. Also, it pays out at 2 to 1. Yes, it’s true, there will be times when the odds of the dealer having a blackjack are 2 to 1 or better. Only when this happens should you consider taking insurance. But how can you know when this is going to happen you ask? Well, you’ll need to check the cards that remain in the shoe.

You can achieve this via counting cards. So the professional card counter does have a huge advantage when it comes to knowing when they should take an insurance bet. Essentially, if the remaining cards are high when compared to the ratio of low cards, then the odds for the player are improved.

Using Perfect Blackjack Strategy 

The first point you should keep in mind is that when it comes to possible blackjack hands, is that there are only a limited number of possibilities available. It’s a fair-sized number, but it’s still manageable. Essentially, all the possible hands can be labeled as hard totals, soft totals, or pairs. Now when these hands come up in conjunction with one of the 13 possible cards, the dealer has a total of cards with 10 points included together, then you’ll see this is a total of 10 possibilities.

pro blackjack players
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So now you’re aware of all the possible situations, you can go ahead and figure out the single correct way to play each situation. What you doing is trying to determine which play will return the highest amount of money to you. You can do this by using maths for each situation. And this is what’s called perfect blackjack strategies. Of course, you don’t have to memorize every situation, as you can simply use an online blackjack strategy chart. Having said that, pro blackjack players, don’t sit down at the blackjack table and simply pull out a blackjack chart. Especially whilst you’re playing at the live casino blackjack table. The only time you’ll see a professional blackjack player looking at a chart would be for checking the rules for that specific table he’s playing at.

Pro Blackjack Players: Find An Efficient Counting System

If you’re thinking like the best pro blackjack players then you’ll want to utilize the most efficient card counting system. There are several different card counting systems available and we can’t say that one is necessarily better than another. To be truthful what constitutes the best counting system is going to be subjective. Essentially, it’s any system you can use without making mistakes. If we do a deep dive into the absolute best card counting system, as far as the mathematics and returns go, then it’s going to be far too complicated for most people to use. And because it’s complicated, it’s going to lead to players making costly mistakes.

We suggest that you look at all the available card counting systems. Then work out which one is most efficient for you personally. On the whole, you’re going to find the vast majority of professional card counters are using the old high-lo system. This is a great card counting system in that’s very easy to learn and allows you to count cards without making mistakes. The two other systems that are quite popular include the KO and the Red 7.

Pro Blackjack Players: Counting System Indexes

Don’t go thinking that any card counting system is going to do the hard work for you. There’ll be many times in the game when you need to make some special plays. Plays that are going to be different from your regular blackjack strategy.

pro blackjack players
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These are known as “indexes.” Essentially, as you’re playing, you’ll be making use of a regular blackjack strategy on every hand. This will go on until your count reaches a certain level. From this point on, you’ll start to use indexes as a means of adjusting the way you play your hands. Keep in mind that these particular hands will not come up in every round. But if you keep your eyes open, then they might just come up enough times to make a difference to your bankroll and overall profit.

There Are No Quick Routes To Profit

Thanks to the false narrative of Hollywood movies like Rainman, many non-gamblers believe that card counting will make you instantly rich at the blackjack table. But the truth of the matter is that all pro blackjack payers who are also card counters are working with a tiny edge. You’ll find it’s a portion of a single percentage. Blackjack players are looking for long-term profits and therefore finding a 0.1% edge is enough to be going on with. Making use of some indexes is going to see your earnings increase substantially over time. Indexes are another thing that you’ll need to memorize. But if you’re able to memorize a card counting system like high-lo, and also memorize perfect blackjack strategies, then memorizing indexes shouldn’t be a big deal for you.

Learn To Take Advantage Of Weak Dealers

One of the main reasons why you want to learn a counting system that will lead you to play without mistakes. Remember that you’re working with such a small edge. To the point that a single mistake can wipe out all your profits for the whole evening.

pro blackjack players
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Of course, those card counters are not going to make a profit every time. They will have losing sessions. But a smart gambler should always be looking for any advantage they can find. This is on top of counting cards or making use of the perfect blackjack strategy. Many pro-blackjack players get a greater edge by looking for weak dealers.

Pro Blackjack Players: Dealers Get Tired

This isn’t an unethical or immoral way of playing. It’s certainly not cheating. And you’re not forcing the dealer to do something he or she doesn’t want to do. All you’re doing is making use of the available information in front of you. It just so happens to come from a weak dealer. Though all blackjack dealers are playing the same game, some will have their dealing techniques. And some of these will be very weak. Keep in mind that the working shifts are long. When dealers start to get tired, then some sloppiness can appear in their overall dealing technique. They may unconsciously be sharing the value of cards. All pro-blackjack players know where to look. By finding a weak dealer, you’ll be able to glimpse the value of the face-down card in front of him.

It’s always a good idea before you sit down at a blackjack table to walk the casino floor. You’re going to be looking for tired and sloppy dealers. Once you found a dealer with a weak dealing technique, then the best place to sit is directly in front of them. All things are fair in love and war, so you should feel free to take advantage of an opportunity like this, without feeling bad about it.

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Play Online For Free

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