blackjack lightning rules

Any casino player who’s looking for a better chance of beating the house will always choose blackjack. It’s one of the few games that gives the players a chance to move the edge in their favour. When it comes to playing online, then Evolution gaming is the boys to turn to for a great gaming experience in blackjack. Now they have a new offering. So let us explain the Blackjack Lightning rules and game play. This will help you when it comes to trying out this new classic variation.

Blackjack Lightning Rules Explained 

If you’ve played online blackjack for any length of time then you’ll be aware that Blackjack Lightning comes from the game’s producer Evolution Gaming. It’s part of the expansion of their stable of Lightning games. You’ll find various live casino games including such things as baccarat, dice games, poker, and roulette. And now finally, it’s time for blackjack to have its time in the sun.

Today at we thought we take a deeper dive into this new live dealer blackjack casino game. We want to see what Evolution Gaming is offering online players from Canada who are heading over to a live dealer casino like 22Bet Casino. So here you’ll find the Blackjack Lightning rules explained for all lovers of this classic casino game.

The game’s producer Evolution Gaming started off way back in 2006 in Latvia. Since their first successful games, the company has continued growing to become one of the top software games producers in the world, and a market leader. You’ll find all the games from  Evolution Gaming continue to provide online gamblers with an immersive, entertaining, exciting, and innovative playing experience. They also have another great blackjack game, Party Blackjack, which is well worth checking out. You’ll find they offer many different types of blackjack games for players of all levels. 

What is Blackjack Lightning?

Blackjack Lightning is just a newer version of the same table game that you’’’ find to be similar to the classic versions of roulette, poker, baccarat, and blackjack. This is pretty much the same table game as regular blackjack. And the Blackjack Lightning rules are pretty much identical. The whole point of Blackjack Lightning is to get a higher score than the dealer. But without going bust by exceeding 21. So it’s a given that the best hand in this version of the game is the same as in classic blackjack, with that being 21. Now to get to blackjack, the first two cards must add up to 21. No less and no more.

blackjack lightning rules
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Keep your mind here that other players are not your opponents. You’re only playing against the dealer. But we should point out that, though in classic blackjack it is just the two of you, playing Blackjack Lightning can involve any number of other players.

Introducing Blackjack Multipliers

What makes Blackjack Lightning different from the classic game of the same name is that there are a couple of special features. The main one is that you’re winnings are not just doubled when you win a hand. It’s quite possible to win anything from 2 x to 25 x your initial wager. Not bad! A great way to get the hang of this fast-paced live dealer game is to play a few rounds at 22Bet Casino. By playing online, you’ll not only receive their amazing welcome bonus of 100% up to C$300 but also have a great chance to learn how to win at blackjack thanks to their excellent odds. As well as their offer of free blackjack practice.

Blackjack Lightning Rules Explained: The Basics

Below we’ve listed the most basic Blackjack Lightning rules, along with the different characteristics of the game:

  • You play the game with 8x decks of 52 cards
  • The dealer will always stand on a 17
  • It’s possible to double your two initial cards
  • If the dealer gets an Ace, he then checks if he has blackjack
  • It’s possible to have a draw with the dealer
  • You’re only allowed to split only once per hand
blackjack lightning rules
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  • When splitting aces you will only get one card
  • There’s no doubling after a split
  • You can take out insurance if the dealer scores an ace
  • Two equal value cards can be split
  • Blackjack pays out at 3:2
  • Winning with insurance pays out at 2:1

The Rules In Greater Detail

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the game of Blackjack Lightning rules by reading above. So we should go into more detail. Take note that if you’re already a veteran of classic blackjack players, with a deep knowledge of all the perfect blackjack strategies, then you’ll find the game very similar in gameplay. There is little difference apart from the difference in the wagers.

  • Blackjack Lightning is played with eight decks of 52 cards
  • The game is hosted by a dealer
  • Cards from 2 to 10 are worth their value
  • 10’s and heads are all worth 10
  • Ace value is either 1 or 11, whichever is more favorable to the player

Thanks to Evolution Gaming’s programming, it’s technically possible for an infinite number of Canadians to be playing the same game simultaneously. Now once the betting is over, then the dealer deals a face-up card to every player. He will then draw a card for himself which is face-up along with another face-up card for all the players. The dealing round ends when the dealer draws a second card for himself, but this is placed face down on the casino gaming table.

The Blackjack Lightning Rules Explained: The Flash Fee

The first thing to note is you must pay a mandatory “flash fee” to play at the blackjack table. This is a fixed one of the Blackjack Lightning rules you can’t escape from. Look at it as a sort of table “buy-in.” The value of this will be 100% of your initial wager. In other words, if you bet C$1 then the flash fee is also an additional C$1. Once done, you’ll have the chance to get a Lightning Multiplier which you can utilize for your next hand. Keep in mind that when you double or split your hands, then the initial flash fee remains unchanged.

blackjack lightning rules
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Now as soon as the betting period is over, then the Lightning Multipliers will appear. The only way you can qualify for this multiplier is if your previous hands have been one with 17 or less, 18, 19, 20, 21, or a blackjack itself. When you receive these winning hands then the multiplier of  2 x or up to 25 x can be applied.

Evolution Gaming Keeps Your Progress

What’s interesting about the way Evolution Gaming has designed Blackjack Lightning rules is that you don’t lose your place just because you need to stop playing or take a timeout. You can make use of your multiplier in the next round, providing you play within 180 days. This is great news. If a hungry Grizzly Bear has chewed through your internet cable, it means that all your betting progress is not for nothing. So if you’re playing Lightning Blackjack at 22Bet Casino, you will not lose anything.

If you happen to play with a C$10 bet winning hand with a multiplier of 5 x, then you win C$50 as well as receive back your initial bet. 

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Blackjack Lightning Rules Explained: Splitting And Doubling

Finally, we should mention that it’s quite possible to split a hand. This is in the same way that you would do in a game of classic blackjack. With Blackjack Lightning, the split goes to the hand with the higher multiplier. If it happens to be a tie then you’ll lose the flash fee, along with your multiplier. But on a positive note, you’ll receive your initial bet returned.

You can also make use of insurance on the flash fee in which case you will just lose your multiplier. As you can see with the Blackjack Lightning rules explained, they are no different from those of the classic game of blackjack. But offering multipliers to your betting creates a much greater possibility of you Canadians being able to win the jackpot online. And you can always trust Evolution Gaming to come up with the best live dealer blackjack games.