How card counting in blackjack works, card counting in blackjack

Do you know how card counting in blackjack works? There are different ways that you increase your chances to win in Blackjack. Some go for a long search across the internet looking for the best ways to win. Others listen all the time to the lections. People also go for other people’s pieces of advice. You pick whatever is good and works for you. And one more way that people go for is card counting. We’ll go into more detail with this one. 

Some of you might not know what card counting is. It’s a blackjack technique that you use to increase your chances to win by decreasing the edge of the house. The rules of blackjack are pretty easy to learn but finding the right strategy is a hard thing to do if you want to win at the best online blackjack games. It works the best when there is a single deck only, yet, you can rarely find it at casinos. 

Many people immediately start thinking of something illegal when it comes to card counting. It’s not illegal but you have to be careful when practicing it. Make sure no one catches you otherwise casino can easily kick you out. Therefore, you need to understand how it works to avoid making mistakes and being kicked out. So, let’s see how people practice card counting!

How Card Counting in Blackjack Works – First Assign Values

How card counting in blackjack works, four steps in card counting
Start assigning values to your cards Source: Pexels

Basically, we will talk about four steps of how card counting in blackjack works. So, you start by assigning values to every card you have. It’s one of the most used systems. With this system, the values are the following: 

  • 2-6 = +1 
  • 7-9 = 0
  • 10 – ace = -1 

Thus, once you get a new card, you either add or subtract one. You can also just leave it this way and do nothing about it. 

Next, The Running Count Starts

One of the reasons that the casinos started changing the basic blackjack rules is card counting that many people started practicing. Hence, they started using multiple decks instead of a single one. Yet, gamblers always do find a way to win. So, the next step is using running count.

The person who practices card counting does this with every card that appears. Until the dealer shuffles the cards again and again. Once the running count gets higher, the players start getting more advantage. Yet, if it’s negative, the edge shifts to the house.

Find the True Count

When you have a +5 running count that has 6 decks left is pretty much different from a +5 running count with one deck left only. So, the number of the extra card is not the only thing that matters. There is also a card concentration of the high cards in comparison with low cards which is important. 

Therefore, once you know that the +5 running count has only 1 deck left, you will know that there are also 5 more 10’s and aces among the other 52 cards. And this gives an edge to you as the player. Hence, you need to use “true count”. 

Watch the True Count and Bet Accordingly

You need to keep the running and the true count so that you know when the edge is shifting towards you. However, if you do not have a clue about those and do not try to change the ways you play, you will just be standing in the same place. When you know the game is going in your favor, you can bet big. And the opposite is also true. Therefore, analyze the game and make changes to your best blackjack strategies. It is an important part of the growth in any game. Analyze the games regardless of whether you win or lose the game. That’s also how card counting in blackjack works – you analyze it. 

How Card Counting in Blackjack Works and Can You Win With It?

how card counting in blackjack works
Practice with friends, it absolutely works Source: Pexels

Yes, you can win. It’s just one of the blackjack strategies to win the game. If you learn how to do it right and which mistakes to avoid, it can definitely increase your chances to win. Just do not make it obvious. Though it’s not poker, but you need to put your poker face on in Blackjack too sometimes. Yet, before you actually go for it, practice first. You can do it with your friends and then once you’re ready you can use it in casinos too.

It’s not only about practicing card counting. You need to practice your skills, in general, to succeed more at blackjack. The best online blackjack casinos are offering great bonuses that you can use to practice your skills! Check the Omni Slots Casino out to find the greatest bonuses and improve your Blackjack experience.