• Pro Blackjack Players – Essential Factors That Are Needed To Turn Pro

    Playing blackjack as a hobby or pastime is very different than playing as a professional. For a start, you have to make enough money to make a decent living. When you take into consideration the tiny edge the professional player has over the house, you'll need to be playing more or less non-stop to pay the monthly bills. If you want to make the transition from amateur to professional, then you'll need to learn a huge number of playing elements to help you win consistently.

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  • High Tie Blackjack Side Bet – When And How To Play It

    In the casino table game of blackjack there are a number of side bets that can be placed. They revolve around both the player's and the dealer's hands. One of these is the high tie side bet. it's generally considered to be a low odds bet and it should be part of every blackjack player's arsenal of playing strategies. Having said that, keep in ind that the high tie side bet in blackjack is purely down to luck. But if you understand the optimum point to play it, then it can prove profitable.

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  • Advantage Play in Blackjack

    There are many ways that you an gain an upper hand when playing blackjack at the land based casino. They all fall under the title of advantage play. Essentially, you're finding ways to beat the casino's fixed advantage, also known as the house edge. The most well known method is card counting, though this is less relevant today than it was 20 years ago. Then there are things like trying to spot the dealers down card or marking the backs of the cards themselves. Finally, we have plain cheating.

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