high tie blackjack
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In the casino table game of blackjack, there are several side bets that can be placed. They revolve around both the player’s and the dealer’s hands. One of these is the high tie side bet. it’s generally considered to be a low odds bet and it should be part of every blackjack player’s arsenal of playing strategies. Having said that, keep in mind that the high tie side bet in blackjack is purely down to luck. But if you understand the optimum point to play it, then it can prove profitable.

High Tie Blackjack Side Bet 

Considering the age of the game of blackjack, then the high tide blackjack side bet is pretty old. It first came onto the casino blackjack scene back in 2004. The high tie refers to a specific type of blackjack gameplay. You’ll find the rules will include such things as a special payout if the player of the dealer ties with various hands. We suggest that if you ever find yourself in a high-tie blackjack situation, you should always consider the cards, as to whether they’re suited or not. But think about placing side bets. Remember it’s the cards that will determine the payout side bet odds.

Best High Tie Side Bet Games

As you know, blackjack is one of the most exciting and skilled casino table games that you can find both at online and offline casinos. To add some drama to the game we have the high tie-side bets. These are additional wagers that you can place at the start of the round. In fact, you place some at the same time as you place your main bet.

high tie blackjack
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They’re various types of blackjack side bets, some of which involve the dealer’s hand and some of which involve your own. Have a look at King Billy Casino, as they offer all types of blackjack games with many also available with live dealers. It’s a great way of learning to understand the gameplay when making use of side bets.

Rules, Odds, And Bets Of The High Tie Blackjack Side Bet

Let’s have a look at the high tie (HT) side bet in blackjack in more detail. By definition, the HT side bet can be on any hand when the player or the dealer has a blackjack. Obviously, in a situation like this, then the outcome is going to give the highest payouts. All the other payouts will be based on the player’s hand alone. As you already are aware, the casino house edge will differ depending on how many decks are in play. That’s the same if the cards are suited to the payouts at 1 to 1, Pair – 2, blackjack – 3 to 1, Suited blackjack – 4 to 1; Suited pair 6 to 1 and blackjack tie 25 to 1. At this point, it might be a good idea to consult an online blackjack strategy chart.

The Rules Of Blackjack Side Bets

The high-tie blackjack rules always follow the same basic principles. But we should point out that there are some added twists. So, you can still bet against the dealer, and look forward to a 21 card score. Keep in mind that, despite the side bets, this remains a low house edge wager. Of course, this can vary considerably if a player decides to use side bets. In fact, these side bets actually make all the difference to the payouts.

high tie blackjack
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It’s important that you understand how to play blackjack better than a beginner at this point. We’ve listed some of the main factors you should watch out for which can affect the HT side bet:

  • Take note of the number of decks in use
  • HT is vulnerable to the standard High-Low card counting system
  • Pay attention to the tie with the dealer involving the cards T, J, Q, K, A
  • Avoid playing single deck blackjack games
  • Play HT later in the deck at a maximum bet.

High Tie Blackjack Side Bet

Side bets prove that there’s much more to blackjack than meets the eye. By simply placing a wager on a side bet, it adds an extra dimension to the gameplay. In fact, each blackjack side bet is able to change the playing strategy. It’s important to pay attention to the number of decks in play. As well as the face-up card in front of the dealer. If you’re playing online at a casino like King Billy Casino, then you’ll find a huge variety of blackjack side betting options. It’s a good idea to have a look through our own list of the best blackjack casinos in order to find the best options for your gameplay.

high tie blackjack
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You’ll be able to receive different payouts depending on the blackjack HT side bets you place. Now, when you’re in a high tie, then your cards will match what the dealer has on the high end of the deck. As you can imagine, there is a correct betting strategy for the high tie side bet. One of these is that the player will split the cards. This will give you a higher chance of being able to beat the dealer. We suggest that you go through with the blackjack split. And then adjust it to the high tie side bet. Of course, depending on how comfortable you feel about your gameplay situation.

The Odds Of The High Tie Blackjack Side Bet 

When the dealer has a blackjack, then you are able to determine the odds. For this, you simply divide the number of cards in the deck which would result in a blackjack, by the number of cards in the deck that would not. At the same time, it’s important to keep in mind that the side bet odds are going to be slightly against you the longer you continue to play.

If the dealer and the player finish with the exact same total, then the blackjack HT side bet will have set odds. More often than not, you’ll find that you’re only able to wager half of your primary stake on the high tie side bet. But if on the other hand, you need to split your hand, you may also be able to play the side bet. As you can imagine this will also affect the blackjack odds, as well as the potential winning outcomes.

Betting Blackjack Strategies

You’ll always find novices at the casino who claim that blackjack is simply a game of luck. Probably because they’re too lazy to study perfect blackjack strategies or to look in any depth at the gameplay structure. As a result, they fail to see that it’s a casino game that requires the largest amount of real skill.

high tie blackjack
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It’s not merely a simple game of guessing what cards the player or the dealer will receive in every round. If you bother to make the effort to learn both blackjack strategy, as well as the strategies of card counting, then you’ll be able to gain a considerable edge over the casino. Probably enough of an edge to make some wins in the long term.

When it comes to the blackjack HT side bets themselves, well, they are really just down to luck. There’s no real jackpot-winning strategy available in order to increase the odds, other than by counting cards. But if you consider the shuffling machines the casino has in place, as well as the huge number of decks in use, then the chances of being able to count cards accurately is pretty much zero. In spite of this, here at Blackjackchamp.com we still believe that an understanding of the rules and blackjack strategies is best. It will help you take home some winnings at the end of the night. We suggest that you head over to King Billy Casino and start placing some side bets as a means of increasing your overall blackjack knowledge base.

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