• Blackjack Skill Or Luck – Which Factor Matters Most?

    The eternal debate between skill and luck is forever raging in blackjack circles. But stepping back to look at the larger picture, then it's easy to see that the classic casino table game needs a good dose of both of these factors. Though an unskilled player may claim that there's no skill to affect the game's outcome, the truth is that by making some important decisions during game play, a player can certainly influence the eventual outcome of the game he's playing.

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  • Aggressive Blackjack Bets Way to Lose Quickly

    Learning how to play blackjack successfully takes more than you think.

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  • Jay Moore’s New Blackjack Strategy Book Scheduled for Spring

    For those blackjack players looking to improve their game – and for those who’d especially like some tips for online blackjack from a true professional player – keep your eyes out this spring for Jay Moore’s “Blackjack Secrets.” A former math teacher and architect, Moore burst onto the Las Vegas gambling scene as a full-time gambler in the 1990s and in 2006 was contracted to write up a book called “The Most Powerful Blackjack Manual.”

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