losing at blackjack
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Enjoying casino games often revolves around maintaining a level-headed approach to gambling. This will help avoid those rash decisions that so often lead to painful losses. Part and parcel of keeping cool of how you mentally approach both winning and losing. Of course, any big win is going to feel amazing. There’s no harm in showing your happiness. The real test of being mature is how you deal with those inevitable losses that are bound to happen once in a while. It’s about losing dignity.

How to Look Like a Pro When Losing At Blackjack  

If you’re strolling around the casino games tables, then you’ll instantly notice a blackjack novice. Someone who’s a beginner at blackjack. One way to do this is to see how they react when they win. There will be a look of utter shock on their face, followed by complete euphoria. This is because, in truth, most newbie blackjack players are not expecting to win any games. That’s why, when they finally discover how to win at blackjack, you’ll see the look of surprise and shock across their faces. Quite the opposite of when they’re losing at blackjack!

Keep Your Emotions In Check

On the other hand, a veteran player knows how to keep the feelings of excitement under firm control. You’ll notice that the inexperienced blackjack player tends to jump around in glee with each £5 win. On the contrary, veteran blackjack players will tend to conduct themselves with a degree of decorum.

Maintaining Composure When Losing At Blackjack

But how you behave when you’re winning is one thing. But the real test comes when watching how players control themselves when they start losing at blackjack. Anybody can quietly smile to themselves after a huge win. But being able to maintain a cool, calm, and collected composure whilst experiencing a losing streak is another matter completely.

losing at blackjack
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We would suggest that this is one of the factors that separate beginners from a genuine blackjack pro. Today at Blackjackchamp.com, we thought we’d take a look at how you should behave. In other words, how to lose like a pro.

Learn To Accept the Outcome and Move On

The first thing to keep in mind is to be realistic. After all, the moment card is drawn then it’s all over. Once that moment in time has passed, you cannot go back and change it. All your best blackjack tips and tricks are no longer relevant. Maybe the outcome that’s left you out of pocket appears to be almost impossible. Nevertheless, there’s nothing you can do to change it.

You can put it down to fate or Lady Luck. Or a bad decision on your part. But because it’s over, it really doesn’t matter anymore. As such, there’s nothing you can do to affect the previous outcome. So it’s important to have the mental fortitude to learn from your mistakes and simply move on. Of course, you may be 100% certain that you did nothing wrong. But you will still need to put this behind you in order to continue playing.

Don’t be Tempted to Chase Your Losses

Probably one of the ugliest things you can see at the blackjack table is a player who is chasing their losses. It’s fair to say this is the single most common mistake made by casino gamblers when losing at blackjack. And it affects both newbies and veterans alike.

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The idea here is that you continue to push things a little further in the hope you’ll still be able to recoup your losses. For some players, this will involve using the casino’s expensive ATM in order to get yet more money to replenish their bankroll. The belief is that with just one or two wins they would be able to turn their ship around and sail into more successful waters.

Losing At Blackjack: Remember To Enjoy Gambling

The problem here is that there’s an equal possibility that chasing losses simply results in further losses. Then we have to bear in mind that chasing losses makes players focus solely on recouping their lost cash. If you watch them, they are simply playing out of desperation. You’ll see that they’re no longer enjoying themselves.

That’s why it’s important to have the tough mental fortitude to get up and leave the gaming table. You don’t have to go for good. But it’s important to take a break and go outside to clear your head. When you come back, you should be able to see things more clearly. And it may involve leaving the game altogether and going home.

Take A Break And Go For A Walk

As just mentioned above, it’s essential to take regular timeouts. Especially when you’re losing at blackjack. Or you feel you’re on a losing streak. Sitting at the blackjack table in the casino environment is not necessarily the best place to be when you’re losing.

After all, everything around you acts as a reminder of your losses. Furthermore, it can be incredibly infuriating having to watch other players sitting at your elbow celebrating their own wins. The same advice for taking a timeout goes for gambling online. If you’re struggling to win, at an online casino like 22Bet Casino, then simply close your browser and go for a walk or do something completely different for a while. 

Clear Your Head When Losing At Blackjack

Taking a break is good for you for so many reasons. The worse thing is that you need to sit out a few hands. This will teach you that the game is not the most important thing. And you’re able to miss out on some hands without overthinking it or becoming upset.

losing at blackjack
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Leaving the table and going for a walk, or getting some fresh air, could also help you to calm down. If you’ve been losing a lot of money, then that’s bound to be a stressful experience. By taking a walk around the block, you may even decide to call it a day. In other words, just keep on walking without returning to the casino.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

When you’re losing at blackjack, there’s no need to kick yourself when you’re down. This is going to be mentally counterproductive for you. Yes, we know that a big loss can ruin your mood. But being realistic means that you were probably betting too much to start with. Or simply getting out of your depth when playing with far more experienced players. If you ruminate excessively about your blackjack losses, then nothing good will come of it.

We suggest that you try to look at things with a more logical approach. After all, it’s better to learn from your mistakes rather than beat yourself up and feel sorry for yourself. Seeing where you went wrong is going to help you to be a more successful player in the future. Whereas beating yourself up will achieve nothing but ruin your day.

Adjust Your Approach Next Time

Though blackjack involved both luck and skill, it’s a given that when something goes wrong, then there is a reason behind it. If you happen to be looking at a heavy loss then this generally points to a big mistake having been made. We think it’s important that you acknowledge your errors. Not only will this put you in a better mental frame of mind, but also help you to understand what just happened.

losing at blackjack
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This will help ensure that you don’t make the same mistake again. It’s quite possible to do something completely mindless simply because you allowed your emotions to run away with you. In fact, rash decision-making is probably the number one reason for big losses at the casino, whether gambling online or offline.

To help you get back on your feet after a loss, it’s a good idea to check out an online casino like 22Bet Casino. The reason is that you can play for free there, without spending a cent. This will allow you to better pinpoint your playing errors. Only when you’re feeling more confident about your newfound abilities should you start betting with real money once more.

Losing At Blackjack: Sometimes Luck Isn’t On Your Side

Of course, it’s perfectly possible you were playing perfect blackjack strategies. After all, you already know all the basic blackjack rules. And so you made all the right moves. Due to the contingent of luck within the gameplay, it’s quite possible that a freak occurrence led to this particular negative outcome. But it’s the very nature of gambling that there are always two possibilities. Either winning or losing. It’s important to always keep this salient fact in mind when you sit down to play at the blackjack table. And even more so when losing at blackjack.

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Don’t Spoil Things For Other Players

Finally, we should talk about one of the ultimate signs of a bad loser. Which is someone who’s determined to sour the whole experience for everyone else after their own loss. Maybe you’ve witnessed a frustrated player lashing out at the dealer. They may loudly criticize the dealer’s technique. Or maybe even accuse them of outright cheating.

Others will blame the players around them. Claiming that they were distracting them. And thereby making it difficult for them to concentrate. Then there are those who sport a face like thunder after losing at blackjack. That mood descends into a state of complete misery. Which they then transfer to those around them.

Look, we get it. No one’s expecting you to be all sunshine and smiles, especially after facing a heavy loss. But, to be blunt, if you find it difficult to control your negative mood after a loss then we suggest you go elsewhere. Just because you struggle to enjoy your gambling experience, doesn’t mean you should make things unpleasant for everyone else.