While playing blackjack, if you hit a long losing streak, it might be tempting to give up. But statistically, this is not the best action to take. Professional blackjack players might understand this already, but to beginners and casual players, it might come as a surprise.

The reason this is true has to do with statistics. Blackjack players win almost as many hands as they lose. The actual numbers are about 44% wins, 48% losses, and 8% pushed bets. These odds are quite good! Compare them to slots for example – the average slots player will win about 10% of their spins, but will lose 90%. The wins might be bigger in slot games, but it takes a lot more money to reach them.

Blackjack pays slowly. This is one of the biggest mistakes new players make – expecting to get rich quick. Players hear the pros whisper about blackjack’s low house edge, or about how blackjack is one of the most beatable games in a casino, and they think that they can dive into a quick game and walk out rich. Then, if they hit a losing streak, it’s easy for them to walk away. But in the long run, the game pays.

So is it better to accumulate a lot of smaller wins with a game like blackjack, or to get very few large wins with a game like slots? This, unfortunately, is one of those questions that can never really be answered. But if you ask us, blackjack is the way to go. The game has a huge element of skill involved, whereas slots come down to sheer luck in the end.

The moral of the story is simple – when playing blackjack, patience is key, especially when you lose several hands in a row. Just hang in there, and the wins will come!

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