Live Dealer blackjack is the newest craze in online gaming. This exciting advancement in internet blackjack technology combines the thrills of real live blackjack with the convenience and privacy of online gambling. Live Dealer games show a special digital video feed built right into the game screen. The video shows a live dealer who is dealing out of a real deck, and using special technology to scan the cards as they are dealt so that they appear on a player’s screen. This lets players watch the dealer in action, and at the same time use any computer in the world to join in on the game.

While Live Dealer games are certainly exciting, there may be more to them than just the novelty they offer. Remember that with Live Dealer games, it is a person dealing the cards, not the computer. And as any good blackjack pro will tell you, dealers are not perfect – they can have tells. Could this provide players with an extra advantage?

The answer is – maybe. There are a lot of variables to consider. The video screen is big enough to see the dealer clearly, but it is much harder to see the dealer’s eyes online than in real life. Experienced “dealer readers” will probably be able to pick up on small clues by watching the video feed, but the average player is less likely to notice the classic dealer tells in a Live Dealer blackjack game.

Live Dealer games do still have an advantage over purely electronic games – security. Players watch a real person dealing the cards, and for many, this shows that there is no cheating going on behind the scenes. We’re certain that none of the online casinos we recommend are this dishonest, but nonetheless, it’s comforting to know for sure.

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