• MIT Blackjack Team – Taking Blackjack Card Counting To New Heights

    By recruiting the smartest and most daring students at several top universities across the US, Bill Kaplan was able to form the greatest card counting team in the history of Blackjack. The MIT team devised a system of play and set off to conquer casinos up and down the country. Using a spotter to see when the game play was hot, another team member would then take a seat at the table to clean up with high stakes bets. Their efforts made them all millionaires in their early 20's.

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  • Blackjack King Jeff Ma Saw the NBA’s Future in 2007

    Nobody who watched basketball’s recent FIBA World Championship couldn’t help but notice the emergence of Kevin Durant as the planet’s next truly Hall of Fame-level player; of course, guys like Jeff Ma knew it all along … if only the Portland Trail Blazers had been listening.

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