• Best Blackjack Films Right Now For Casino Lovers

    Because gambling can prompt a complete change in one's fortune, and all depending on the roll of a dice or turn of a card, then it's no surprise that Hollywood has embraced the genre. After all, what could create greater suspense and excitement than a gambler who's put everything on black? Because the game of blackjack requires both skill and luck, then it's perfect for more cerebral film goers. Today we're reviewing some of the best blackjack and gambling movies of the last few years.

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  • Counting Cards At The Casino – Why It Doesn’t Work Anymore

    We've all seen the movies where the fortunes of the characters are suddenly turned around with the discovery that one of them has the ability to count cards. In a matter of hours they win a huge amount and break the bank. Unfortunately, this is just the fiction of Hollywood. And though it's true that back in the day, real gamblers could make a decent living counting cards, those days are now long gone. Today you have to contend with sophisticated casino security. And nothing gets past them.

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