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Mobile Gambling Recovery iPhone App Helps Addicts Stop Using

Apr 4, 2011

iPhone app to assist recovery
iPhone recovery app

A new iPhone app designed to help alcohol, drug, gambling and sex addicts in recovery has become a hit at the iTunes app store

A new iPhone mobile application, designed to help recovering gambling addicts stay clear of temptation is gaining momentum with a rapidly increasing number of downloads. The iPhone app was commissioned by the Elements Behavioral Health Company in California which deals with various forms of addiction including drug, alcohol, sex and gambling addiction.

The app, sold under the name iPromises Recovery Companion was originally available only for patients of the treatment center. After numerous requests from addicts who were not patients, the center realized its full potential and decided to release the app world wide. Since the time the app became publicly available, thousands of people in more than twenty countries began to use the app.

Some concerns have been expressed to Apple regarding the apps location in the iTunes store. Due to the similarity of the topic, the gambling recovery app is surrounded on all sides by iPhone mobile gambling applications which some feel may cause an addict in need to download a casino instead of the recovery app.

The iPhone platform was chosen by Elements, due to a large number of customizable communication components available for the device. The treatment center felt that communication is the key to relapse prevention thus making the iPhone the perfect tool for addicts in recovery.

If a sex addict meets a beautiful woman he can quickly talk to friends and family who will convince him it would be harmful to him in the long term. iPromises Recovery Companion not only provides communication tools between users and their sponsors, it also offers a unique possibility to leave records of their recovery progress.

The increased number of mobile casino gambling applications available to the wide public, allegedly created an increased number of gambling addicts, but more research is being conducted to verify the findings.

Elements Behavioral Health is famous for its Promises Treatment Centre, which is the rehab of choice for Hollywood celebrities. Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen are among their past clients.

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