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Windows Phone 7 Must Use Steroids To Win Against Apple and Android

May 8, 2011

Windows Phone mobile OS to overtake Android
Windows Phone 7

The rapidly expanding mobile casino gaming market and the potential billions in profits fuels the cut-throat competition between the industry’s hungriest sharks.

Microsoft has some serious long term aspirations for the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. After years of labor pains in the delivery room, Bill Gates is expecting a baby Mozart or Einstein at the minimum; and someone agrees. According to the latest forecast by Pyramid Research Inc., Windows Phone 7 is set to become the commanding force in mobile OS by 2015, vanquishing both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Yes, we first verified for ourselves that Pyramid Research wasn’t hacked, or their analyst’s urine didn’t test positive for hallucinogenic substances. At first this may seem like a joke, or at the very least a long shot, but Pyramid stands by their estimate (which you must remember is only a forecast.)

The only option that could help the drowning Windows Mobile OS is a complete refocus on mobile casino gambling. The latest mobile casino industry’s Q1 figures have shown a steady growth of mobile gamblers signing up with the Windows Phone 7 OS which is the only ray of light in an otherwise dismal position that the Windows Phone 7 Q1 numbers show.

The mobile gambling sector is currently riding an unprecedented wave of growth, doubling in size yearly and outmatching all other sub-sectors of the mobile market. It would be foolish for Microsoft to ignore this important trend and go up against the hungry sharks circling the waters.

Microsoft’s partnership with Nokia seems to be the jumping board to allegedly propel Windows Phone 7 into the lead, according to Pyramid Research forecast. This may be remotely possible if Microsoft/Nokia begins churning out low and mid-priced mobiles that offer similar functionality to those of expensive Google and Apple OS smartphones. Microsoft, not known for spontaneity, seems to always be five steps behind their hungry, innovative competitors. Mobile gamblers’ demand for high quality mobile casino software, while still using a mid-low price mobile device may be the only advantage that Microsoft/Nokia have.

Windows Phone 7 is very similar to Windows 7 or XP for home computers, which automatically should make it the leading choice for the hundreds of millions of users who’ve ever used a desktop PC. However, some features are still missing and there needs to be a serious rethinking on what should be done to improve functionality. Windows mobile gambling is the answer to Microsoft’s desperate search for a competitive edge. If they manage to snatch a big enough piece of the gambling pie, Windows Phone 7 might just topple both iOS and Android.

One thing for sure – we can expect fierce competition among mobile OS developers in the coming years. This is excellent news for consumers since competition increases innovation, brings better services and considerably reduces prices. Whichever the most popular phone brand or mobile OS may be today, the market is still too young and volatile for any single company to dominate. Let’s get ready to rumble!

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