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Police Unable to Arrest American Mobile Casino Gamer in a Bar – Part 1

Jun 16, 2011

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Part 1 of an interesting incident which proves conclusively that its perfectly legal for Americans to gamble at a mobile casino in public.

Yesterday I’ve received an interesting email that I was asked to publish. It came from an American mobile casino gamer who… well, why don’t I let you read it for yourselves.

Part One

For a couple of days each week I drink my lunch at a rundown bar close to the office. I contemplate life, sip whiskey and gamble at Slotland Mobile Casino, the only mobile casino that still welcomes Americans and is dependable. I never wager more than $20 during lunch, an amount I can afford and am comfortable with.

Since its part of my job, I have five mobile phones, each with a different operating system (Apple iOS, Google Android, RIM BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian and Microsoft). So I get to see the world of mobile gambling through the eyes of each and every mobile casino games player.

When I go out for lunch to the bar, I take all five mobiles and clip them on a leather belts across my chest as if they were machine gun ammunition. Bad joke. In this city, I would be robbed the moment I left the building, and maybe even in the building itself, and that’s the god honest truth.

Today, while playing at Slotland Mobile Casino, the new waiter saw the jacks or better video mobile poker game I was playing at the Android casino and asked me what it’s called.

When he heard that I was playing for real money at a mobile casino, and not just passing the time with an arcade version, he loudly made some comments which I felt were negative. This snotty waiter very loudly said that “he’s too smart to trust gambling at a mobile casino”, that “the mobile casino games were for the naïve, where conmen skinned them to the bone”, and that “all mobile casino owners cheat, steal and lie and probably operate out of Nigeria.”

The waiter had contempt written all over his ugly mug, as if I was some gullible fool walking around the big city with five smartphones on belts crisscrossing his chest.

Since he was young, and there was now an audience of fellow bar patrons listening, I decided to educate the public about the integrity, reliability and freedom of mobile casino gambling on the go. I just finished my third shot of double whiskey and was thirsty again, so I started to cover the basics of mobile gambling without going into too much detail.

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