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Blackjack Champ Don Johnson Now a Celebrity Outside Casinos

Jul 7, 2011

Don Johnson Atlantic City Assassin
The Blackjack Beast

Don Johnson, the normally publicity shy blackjack champ responsible for the near destruction of Tropicana casino in Atlantic City is on the loose.

In the past, Don Johnson, 49, was just your average self-made millionaire with a talent of seeing blackjack card games or horse racing odds in the same manner that Mozart saw musical notes or Einstein saw physics.

While known in the world of horse racing and blackjack casinos across the U.S., he was completely anonymous in the regular world of mortals with 9-5 jobs. Not anymore.

Today Don Johnson is a bona fide celebrity outside the casino, known throughout the world as the Atlantic City Assassin or the Beast of Blackjack for taking three Atlantic City casinos for a cool 15 million in a six month blackjack rampage. No longer happy with a quiet and anonymous lifestyle, Johnson finally came out of his shell and embraced his celebrity status.

During a widely publicized party at London’s One4One nightclub, the blackjack maestro forked over $269,041 (168,118 pounds) for the bar tab. He flew to London with rocker Bon Jovi, who is reportedly giving the card shark some public relations advice, while learning the latest card counting system from Johnson.

During the London nightclub bash, the blackjack champ ‘got the whole place piss drunk’ on top notch booze including a 30-liter bottle of Armand De Brignac Midas champagne, which at $192,035 per bottle is the world’s most expensive champagne.

The blackjack shark reportedly also picked up a bottle of Armand De Brignac Methuselah for $40,007, Dom Perignon for $1,200, magnum of Grey Goose for $673, and four Red Bulls for $33 (the world’s most expensive Red Bull).

Now there is talk of Don Johnson opening an online blackjack casino, penning a book on blackjack strategy, and much more. Within a month, the single Don Johnson will reportedly be hosting a birthday bash for Pamela Anderson. Life’s good at the top.

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