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Mobile Gamers Disappointed with HTC Sensation over Screen Problems

Aug 3, 2011

More problems with HTC Sensation
HTC Sensation screen

HTC Sensation continues to disappoint mobile gamers with further problems, this time its unresponsive touchscreen.

Following the much hated death grip problem with Wi-Fi on the HTC Sensation, a new issue has recently been discovered. Fans of mobile casinos reported that the smartphone’s screen becomes unresponsive after a short period of time.

This currently seems to be the most popular topic in Android casinos forums with more and more mobile gamers and users reporting the problem. The new phones work fine for a week or so, and then the screen starts failing to register some inputs.

HTC failed to comment the issue or respond to the bombardment of users’ emails on the topic. Not a very friendly way to treat your faithful customers. Fans of mobile casino games voiced their opinion that HTC rushed with the phone, and dropped the flagship device on the market without proper research. Let’s hope HTC finds time to address the problems and fix them.

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