Budget iPhone video leaks
Budget iPhone video

iPhone rumors are getting serious: the latest one is a video allegedly showcasing the soon-to-be-announced budget iPhone.

Not to spoil everyone’s appetite or anything, we have to note, that the video is only showing the plastic back panel of the upcoming iPhone mobile casino tamer. However, that is well enough to showcase what the device will look like compared to the current Cupertino offerings.

Judging from the video the budget iPhone mobile gambling device will have some design similarities to the 5th generation of iPod Touch, but will still be in line with the general iPhone design in terms of buttons and ports. The phone will allegedly be thicker than the current iPhone 5 flagship.

Naturally, the plastic body will lack the luxury appeal the iPhone mobile casino gaming devices currently offer, but that’s the whole idea behind being a budget smartphone. On the other hand plastic is much less prone to damage than the aluminum and glass composition of the current Cupertino wonders.

During the recent weeks, the credibility of budget iPhone rumors have gone down significantly, following some techie sites buying fake Chinese back panels and showing them off. To add to the confusion, Apple has strongly denied the rumors the company is developing any kind of cheap smartphone line.

Our best advice is to wait until something official leaves the Cupertino camp. Tim Cook and Co are supposed to host an event come this fall, and our money is on those day for the budget device to be finally announced officially.