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Smartphone from Amazon
Amazon smartphone

The rumored Amazon smartphone may cause the same market stir as the Kindle Fire did in the tablet segment.

When Amazon Kindle Fire was launched it caused a serious stir in the tablet market by offering decent specifications at a very affordable price. The company now is said to be working on a smartphone wishing to enter that segment too and compete with the current mobile casino gambling tools leaders.

Not much information is yet known about the possible smartphone from Amazon, and everything is in the rumor waters now, however, such a move is quite possible. Various sources suggest that the Amazon device will feature enhanced hardware enabling it to provide great mobile casino games experience and to compete with the current leaders Samsung and Apple.

The specifications at this point only suggest a 4.7 inch screen. If the rumors are true, Amazon will still have to delay the launch of the smartphone, as their problems with Foxconn manufacturing partner are still running strong.

More and more gossip puts the pricing of the Amazon smartphone at the $100-200 level. This is quite in line with the Kindle Fire launch price, which was way cheaper than the Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs of that time.

In any case we await the official confirmation from Amazon, and possibly a more extensive list of suggested specifications.